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Romans 1:1-3 - Separated - Corps - October 17,1978

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Publication Date: October 17, 1978

ROMANS 1:1-3
October 17, 1978
The word “separated” simply means set apart. There are very definite lines. Paul, doulos of
Jesus Christ, called apostle separated, set apart. When you’re called as an apostle, there are
definite lines. People like to crawl in there, but they can’t. Only you and God know that.
This word “separated” means there’s a line. When you’re an apostle you’re separated.
People will try to crawl under that, because they always try to work you. But as far as God
is concerned, anybody who crawls under it is finished. That word “separated” has definite
lines of demarcation, separate bounds, definite bounds. If you want to see it from the
Word, go to Exodus.
Exodus 19:12, 13
This is where the Lord said to Moses to go unto the people and sanctify them. To be
sanctified is different in one sense than separated unto the ministry of an apostle.
Exodus 19:11
But all the people are not going to be on Mount Sinai. That’s why the Book of Acts says
He made known His ways unto Moses: His acts unto the children of Israel. God told Moses
the why and wherefore. The children of Israel only saw the results, the acts.
He said unto the people to be ready against the third day, come not at your wives, which he
said don’t screw the night before. There must have been a lot of men who said, “We’re hot.
We just cannot pray for one hour.” Why did the Lord tell them not to lay with their wives?
Don’t ask me, ask the Lord. The Word of God is the will of God.
Exodus 19:15, 16, 17, 18
Exodus 19:20
What a wonderful man of God Moses must have been. It says in the Word that he was a
man who spoke to God face to face. What a tremendous thing. And it wasn’t even yet the
day of Pentecost. How far we live below par, because nobody wants to believe God’s
Word, nor any man of God. That’s what the word “separated” means.
Don’t you touch the border of it. Whosoever touches it shall surely be what? Did God tell
them? Sure He told them. Well, I don’t believe what God says, so I walk up and do what?
Then I die and they say God is a cruel God. Who is man that he should judge God? Get off
of it, sinfulness, wickedness, disobedience of man who thinks he is God.
Exodus 19:21-25
Exodus 20:1-3
That is the usage of the word “separated” in its first usage in the Word of God. That’s why
I know what the word “separated” means in Romans.
Unto – “Unto” is the Greek word eis which means with a view to indicating an immediate
result. Separated unto. Moses, remember? The line. Unto. You talk about accuracy of texts
and minute detail. There it is. The word “unto,” with a view to, indicating an immediate
purpose. Bullinger says a line starting at one point reaching to another point, not falling
short in any way. That’s this word.
The gospel – “Gospel” means good news. If you needed $1000 tonight or you’d die, and
you got it, then that would be good news. If you were nigh unto death and you got healed
tonight, that would be good news. The good news is the mystery. Yet, Paul doesn’t make
mention of this here. Knowing the Book of Romans, it is the good news of the mystery.
Yet, he never comes right out and says it until the last chapter.
Romans 16:25, 26, 27
The word “gospel” is euaggelion. The letters eu mean well. Aggelia means a message. The
whole word means a well message. The word aggelia appears singularly like that,
transliterated into the word evangel, carried over further into evangelist.
The gospel, the evangel, preached by an evangelist. What is a true evangelist? It can only
be one who teaches or preaches the true evangel. So most of the stuff you have seen is
Luke 2:13
(Dr. Wierwille refers to Greek text – reads a form of the above word)
Agoelos is translated “angel” and it’s “gospel” also. When you work this, whenever an
angel is mentioned, he always brought a message. He never sang! But boy, what a message
they delivered. That’s why that word means angel, messenger, gospel. Every time an angel
came, he brought a message.
Luke 7:24
Messengers is euaggelion, meaning gospel.
John 20:18
Mary Magdalene – Dr. reads Greek word. Bring word is what interlinear says underneath.
Bringing gospel. That is the same word basically that we have in Romans 1. Mary
Magdalene came and told the disciples. “Told the disciples” in my mind is not as strong as
“bringing the word to the disciples.” Bringing what word? He is risen.
The good news can be a variety.
Acts 4:23
“Reported” is good news.
Romans 9:17
“Declared” is same as “gospel” in Romans 1:1.
I John 1:5
“Message” and “declare” is the same root form, meaning news.
News can be of a different kind.
Romans 1:1
Separated unto the good news, the well message. Verse 1 says it’s the good news of God.
Verse 3 says “concerning his son Jesus Christ, our Lord.” Anybody else who preaches
anything else has to be off the ball. The Word tells you what it’s all about.
Romans 1:16
I have “of Christ” scratched – not in the critical Greek text.
Romans 1:1
Romans 1:16
That’s the gospel of Romans. Anybody who teaches Jesus Christ is God as an evangelist
has to be off. Anyone who teaches that Jesus Christ is God cannot have the true evangel.
The gospel of God concerning His son, Jesus Christ. Make up your mind whether the
Word of God is right.
It’s the power of God unto salvation. If it’s unto, then it isn’t salvation. Salvation is not the
gospel. It’s the gospel unto salvation. Every text backs that up, plus every Estrangelo
Aramaic text backs it up. Justification is not the gospel. Righteousness is not the gospel.
Sanctification is not the gospel.
Romans 1:1
Gospel of God. That’s the number one test of genuineness.
Romans 1:2
Romans 1:3
Romans 1:4
Verse 1, it is of God.
Verse 2, promised by his prophets in the Holy Scriptures.
Verse 4, marked out the son of God with power.
These are the three great tests of the gospel: (1) of God; (2) according to God’s Word; (3)
concerning God’s son. Whenever anyone handles it that way, it will be the true gospel.
Romans 1:17
Therein the gospel.
For the just to live by believing, he must previously have been justified. The just shall live
by believing, pistis. It doesn’t say you are justified by believing in this verse. It says you
live by it. In order to live by it you first have to have the life. You’ve got to be stupid if
you can’t see that. But don’t stay stupid.
The gospel, the good news of God concerning His son, Jesus Christ – There you see the
revelation, the revealing, of the righteousness of God, that the just shall live by believing.
Romans 4:3
Reckoned means set to your account. When Abraham believed God, God set it to his
Romans 4:4, 5
Why do you always want to get accounted before God because of your works? It’s your
believing that gets it accomplished.
Romans 4:6-11
Separated unto the gospel, immediate result. Fantastic.
Romans 4:12-16
The gospel of Romans is a gospel of grace, of believing, not a gospel of works.
I Peter 1:23-25
Peter believed the same thing as Romans.
John 5:46, 47
John 3:14
For God so loved that He gave His only begotten son. You just can’t get away from the
truth of God’s Word in Genesis all the way through. It’s the gospel, the good news of God.
John 3:16
Romans 1, gospel of God, concerning His son. There it is.
Matthew 12:40
I stand with the Word. The critics can do anything they like. I still stick with the Word of
God. The Word of God substantiates and corroborates the truth of the record of Jonah.
Matthew 24:37
God backs up the record of Noah in the Word.
The Word has stood the test of time a lot longer than the critic of sane university. I believe
holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. I know how revelation was
That’s the attestation of the greatness of the Word, the gospel of Romans. The gospel of
God concerning His son, Jesus Christ.
Luke 24:44
The gospel of God concerning His son, Jesus Christ. Everything to be fulfilled that’s
written in the books of Moses, the prophets and all the rest of the writings.
Romans 15:5, 6
That is the desire of God. If it doesn’t happen, go to Romans 16:17.
Romans 16:17, 18
The reason it says to avoid is because it’s like a stinking death, a poison. Avoid them.
Their own belly – means their own life, their own egotism, their own selfishness.