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Research Paper on Hell

Research Paper on Hell (June 1983): A Study of the Biblical Accuracy of Words Translated Hell.

The clear understanding of what "hell" is comes from a careful analysis of the individual Hebrew and Greek works from which it is translated: sheol, hades, ghenna, and tartarus. The definitions of these words is discovered within the Word of God itself when principles of Biblical research are applied. The definition offered for sheol and hades as the "gravedom" will be carefully and thoroughly documented from the Word of God. Each use of these words will display itself with the rendering of "the grave." Gehenna will be explained in light of all scripture relevant to the subject it deals with. It will be demonstrated who gehenna deals with and what it involves. Tartarus will also be considered, distinguishing its meaning from the other words translated "hell."
Topic: Hell - Gehenna - Tartarus - Hades - Sheol - Gravedom
Format: Typed
Publication Date: 06-30-1983
Pages: 43