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Divisions in Acts -PENTECOST TIMETABLES AND DIVISIONS IN ACTS - Corps Notes - September 9, 1975

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Publication Date: September 9, 1075

September 9, 1975
It is pitiful that these great truths concerning the day of ascension and Pentecost have been hidden all
these years. The reason I want to teach this to the Corps is so you can understand it and teach it.
Acts 1:1
“all” - all without distinction
Luke was guided by God to put together the Gospel of Luke so that when the time came for the
revelation for the church of the body, it would fit right upon the gospels so that the book of Acts
would go right on from the Gospel of Luke. Holy men of God spake as moved by revelation. Luke
just lays the foundation so that the greatness of the revelation can be built right on and follow that
gospel. They received it on Pentecost but couldn’t explain it. The explanation came some years later.
Acts 1:2-3
“until the day in which He was taken up” - The Ascension
“his passion” - his death
“being seen of them 40 days” - This is a great key
Pentecost means “fifty.” Pentecost was a feast of Judaism or Israel. Called:
Feast of Pentecost
Feast of harvest - Exodus 23:16 – Around what corresponds to our 1st part of June when the first
grain of wheat was ripening.
Feast of weeks - Deuteronomy 16:9-10 – Because there are seven weeks involved.
The day of the firstfruits – Numbers 28:26
John 19:31 - That sabbath was an high day or special sabbath. Leviticus 23:4-12 & 23:15-21
explain the background.
Note: Dr. Wierwille referred to an article in the September/October 1973 issue of the Way
Magazine, entitled “And When the Day of Pentecost Was Fully Come,” during this part of the
Corps teaching. He used the article to explain that Jesus Christ did not die on Friday and rise on
Sunday. Please refer to the article for the specific contents of this part of the teaching.
Divisions of Acts
1. Acts 1:1- 2:46 2:47*
2. Acts 3:1- 6:6 6:7 *
3. Acts 6:8-9:30 9:31 *
4. Acts 9:32-11:20 11:21 *
5. Acts 11:22-12:23 12:24 *
6. Acts 12:25-16:4 16:5*
7. Acts 16:6-19:19 19:20*
8. Acts 19:21-28:30 28:31*
In the list of the divisions of Acts, the asterisk (*) indicates a verse that is a summary, a conclusion (a
great statement that is not included in the division).
Dr. Wierwille exhorted the Corps to read Acts in these segments.
Geographical Points in Acts
1. Jerusalem
2. Antioch
3. Rome
Paul’s Visits to Jerusalem
1. Acts 9:26-30; Galatians 1:17—21 (3 years)
2. Acts 11:29-30; 12:25 (14 years - before first missionary journey)
3. Acts 15:2-4 (after first missionary journey)
4. Acts 18:21-22 (to keep the feast)
5. Acts 21:15 - 23:30 (when taken prisoner)
Dr. Wierwille exhorted the Corps to also read Acts in the sections of Paul’s visits to Jerusalem for
more light on the book of Acts.