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BRC Dedication June 20 1962

BRC Dedication June 20 1962

The BRC (Biblical Research Center) Dedication in 1962.

Topic: Biblical Research Center
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Publication Date: 1962
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Nearly two hundred people from far and near gathered at the new Ecumenical Bible Center Sunday afternoon, June 10th, for the Dedication Service. In addition to many Ohioans, friends from Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin and California were represented.

Dr. George Lamsa, translator of the Bible from the original Aramaic Peshitta text, spoke on the importance of a Bible Center such as the one being dedicated which offers courses unavailable elsewhere. He said that this is the first educational institution where Aramaic is being offered, using the oldest style of script without vowel points. He estimated that in the next five years Aramaic will be a standard subject in seminaries.

The song, “Bless this house” was sung by Don Wierwille. Music for the occasion was furnished by Mrs. Dorothy Owens, organist for The Way and by Miss Rhoda Becker, Minister of Music at the piano.

Dr. Lamsa recalled that it was just a year ago, on Pentecost Sunday 1961, that plans were formulated to build the Bible Center and the first donation was received.

The Dedication Service, presented by the three Trustees of The Way, Inc., Dr. V. P. Wierwille, President, Mr. Erma Owens, Vice-President, and Mr. H. E. Wierwille, Secretary-Treasurer.


As a group of Christian believers in the ministry of The Way which God has set in our midst at a specific time and for a specific purpose, thus having the sacred privilege of and having pledged ourselves to provide spiritually hungry people from all walks of life, all denominations, and non-denominations. The true instruction of the Word of God with the highest light we have, we dedicate this building.

Having been prospered by the hand of God and enablad [sic] by His grace and power to be led into a fuller understanding of His Word and to help others to receive not only the new birth but the gift from the Holy Spirit, we have erected this building for the glory of God and the accuracy of His Word in teaching men and women. To this end we dedicate this building.

For all those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, who sincerely desire a fuller knowledge of God’s Word and who will walk in the light of the wonderful revelation of His Word, we now dedicate this building.

For the teaching and the study of God’s Holy Word in the light of its minute accuracy we dedicate this building.

That young people as well as adults may come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour and may be filled with all the fullness of God to be complete in Him, we dedicate this building.

For the carrying forth the ministry of the accuracy of the Word of God to others in our United States as well as to our sister nations and distant lands, we today dedicate this building.

For the carrying out the Word of God via the spoken message, the printed page, radio, television and every other means available unto us we today dedicate this building.

In loving memory of those who have stood with us through the days, weeks, months and years of the past who today are awaiting the coming of the Lord, who if they were here today would rejoice with us greatly, for those whose love we shall always cherish, we today dedicate this building.

We being compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, namely, all of the believers of the Old Testament as well as the saints of the New Testament and the Christian believers of all times and the saints of God to the present day and being led by the light of the Word of God we who are truly grateful for our heritage here in these United States being cognizant of the sacrifices of our Fathers we today as people reconsecrate ourselves anew to the faithful discharge of the sacred pledge and privilege that God has given us these last days to make known the wonderful beauty and accuracy and power of His matchless Word. Therefore, for the continued service to God’s hungry people we do now rededicate ourselves to serve Him all of the days of our life in the name of our Living Lord and of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!

(The Way Magazine, July 1962, p. 17-18.)