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Acts 1:6–11 - Corps Notes - October 9, 1975

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Publication Date: October 9, 1975

Acts 1:6–11
October 9, 1975
Acts 1:6
“come together” – for the ascension. They did not know that. Jesus had not told them. The discussion
was around the kingdom. Up until the mystery was revealed, the greatest truth in God’s Word is
God’s kingdom and as it related to his son, Jesus Christ. That’s the greatest subject of the Word as far
as the kingdom is concerned. There was nothing any greater until the church of the body came along
to which you and I belong, which was the mystery. So they said, “Lord, will thou at this time restore
again the kingdom to Israel.” Before his death he talked about the kingdom, but they killed the king.
Here was this Jesus Christ, raised from the dead; the same Jesus whom they had known before the
crucifixion, they now knew after the resurrection, only he was so much more dynamically something
or other that they couldn’t understand. One minute he could be here, another minute he could be
there. One minute he could be outside of the door and the next minute he could be inside without the
‘Yale key’. Having this Jesus back, the one thing that they thought could really happen now was that
he would establish the kingdom.
Acts 1:7
“the time or the seasons” – of the restoration of that kingdom.
“which the Father hath put in His own power” – had Jesus Christ been God, he would have known.
He said the only one who knows is the Father. It’s talking about the restoration of the kingdom.
“the times or the seasons” – they didn’t know the times or the seasons. Some people have set the date
of the return of Christ. The date, the hour, would be more exacting than times or seasons. He said,
“You don’t even know the times or the seasons”, let alone the hour and the day. Everybody who has
ever written on prophecy, always gets the times and the seasons put in and the Word says here they
just don’t know. Somebody’s got to be wrong. I don’t care when he does it, because I just know he’s
going to do it and when he does it, I’ll already have been with him for a long time. The gathering
together precedes the restoration of the kingdom but of the times and the seasons of the restoration of
the kingdom, I have never guessed at and we’re not going to start tonight.
“power” – exousia – it’s in the Father’s own exercising of His own desire and will. It’s like the first
coming, ‘when the time was fully come’, God sent forth His only begotten son born of a woman.
When it was fully come, He did it. Man never by his ability forces God’s hand to operate before God
is ready to move. The word exousia is by His authority, by His power; God’s exercising of His
Acts 1:8
“receive” – lambano
“power” – dunamis
“after” – when
“the Holy Ghost” – pneuma hagion
The ‘baptizing’ is the new birth. The lambano is the evidencing of it.
“come upon you” – One of the old texts I read many, many years ago says ‘come unto you’. I think
that’d be a great translation. You and I know that it’s not the ‘upon’ like it was in the Old Testament
because it’s Christ in you the hope of glory and the Word has to fit like a hand in a glove. It’s deeper
than upon, it is in.
“ye shall be witnesses unto me” – When we get to chapter 2 you will find out that they carried out
verse 8; they lambano-ed dunamis and they spoke in tongues. The greatest “witness unto me” of
verse 8, is speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues is the greatest witness of the resurrected Christ,
of the Christ in you the hope of glory. You never exhaust the in-depth greatness of this record. Your
soul will spark every time you read it. It’s real interesting that they should talk about the kingdom
and he turns it back to the lambano-ing of power.
“shall receive” – absolute – not absolute by compulsion but absolute by freedom of will. I know that
before the Lord Jesus Christ left, he instructed his apostles as much as he could on what to do, what
to look for and how to act when a certain thing would come to pass. God had revealed to him what
was going to come but God had not revealed the significance of it; that it would be Christ in you the
hope of glory; that the Gentiles would be fellow-heirs and of the same body; the mystery which was
hidden before the foundation of the world and was made known to the apostle Paul. He said you
shall, absolutely lambano. So again we say to our day and time, “Why are you not lambano-ing?”
Everybody says we are building on the book of Acts. That’s when the church started, then why aren’t
we doing what the church did? Are we so much better today that we don’t need to do what they did
then? Are we so much more spiritual, so much more knowledgeable of God? I doubt it. He said, “Ye
shall.” He didn’t say, “Sit around and ask questions.” He said, “Do it. Lambano dunamis, then you’ll
be a witness.” Tonight again, in the manifestations, I always think of these things; how the
manifestations attest to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know you must thrill to every time
you hear a manifestation with exuberance and with boldness and don’t forget to give it that way.
Sometimes you people get a little lazy about the manifestations. Just remember what I’m teaching
you and you won’t be lazy. It’s God in Christ in you. When you speak in tongues and interpret, you
give it, man, lay it out there so people get inspired; prophecy the same thing. These are all
attestations to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. What a tremendous thing, that God would
choose us; frail, sinful, good for nothing human beings and make us so tremendous that had satan
known it he would not have crucified the Lord Jesus Christ. People used to say to me, “Dr.
Wierwille, I don’t think you should have speaking in tongues and interpretation. It might offend
somebody.” Well, ladies and gentlemen when the day comes that the Word of God offends
somebody, let’s offend them. It’s still the Word. A lot of people talk about it but very few people put
it together and say, “Thus saith the Lord”, like the prophets of old. That’s exactly what we’re
endeavoring to do. We’ve never said that we are scholars. You’ve never heard me say that I’m a
scholar. You’ve never heard any one of us say that we are the authority on the Word of God or that
The Way is the only answer, speaking of The Way ministry. We know the way is the only answer,
Jesus Christ.
Acts 1:9
“a cloud” - When Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt, remember God led them with a cloud
by day and covered them with a pillar of fire by night. The fire kept the enemies away. They could
sleep peacefully. Nobody could touch them. The cloud by day would cover them that the Egyptians
couldn’t find them. I think that when Jesus Christ was received up, it was like that cloud that was
over Israel that God led them by.
I forget how many miles it is from Egypt to where they crossed the Jordan, but it surely c. couldn’t
take you forty years to get there. They must have spent a lot of time wandering around and as we
would say, “doing nothing”, because God had said, “When the cloud moves, you move. When the
cloud stands still, you stand still.” They must have stood still the greater portion of the forty years.
Were they doing God’s will when they were standing still? Were they doing God’s will when they
moved if the cloud moved? Suppose the cloud didn’t move and they moved. Were they doing God’s
will? That’s why we’re doing God’s will when were standing still if the cloud is there so to speak.
When the cloud moved they moved. When the cloud didn’t move they didn’t move. You can learn a
lot sitting still. God can pour a lot of things in you when you’re still. It took Him forty years to beat
the Word of God in them enough so they could believe to cross the Jordan and take the city of
Jericho by just walking around it once a day for seven days and then on the seventh day walking
around seven times and blowing their ‘new years’ horns and the walls come down. Some of the
people in the Christian world that I know have lived over forty years and they haven’t got that much
believing. What’s forty years if you finally get to believing God? As long as it’s God’s Word, what
difference does it make? You’re in the will of God and that is what is important. To be within the
will of God; doing the will of God, whether we’re sitting here working the Word or whether someone
is out witnessing, both are in the will of God.
Acts 1:10
“toward heaven” – means ‘up’
“two men stood by them in white apparel” – I do not know where the artists got the idea for the
pictures of angels with just so many feathers in their wings. I understand phenomenon and I
understand God’s Word to the end that on occasions when God through His emissaries came to make
himself manifest, those manifestations were in the form of men. When the angel came to visit Mary,
that’s the way he appeared unto her. Who was the angel that came to Mary? Gabriel. Who do you
think these two were in verse ten? Michael and Gabriel. Who had just ascended? Jesus Christ. Before
Jesus Christ came, who was the other angel that was the bright and morning star? Lucifer. Lucifer
fell as we know. Jesus Christ is the bright and morning star. Now he’s ascended. There are no minds
here, any of us, that can gather the fullness and the fullness of the impact of this occasion. Jesus
Christ – gone. Gabriel, Michael – standing there with the twelve. Gabriel is the one who brings a new
message. He’s the messenger/deliverer. He’s the one who came to Mary. Michael is the fighter for
God’s people. It is Michael who organizes the guardian angels for the ‘believers to be’ and protects
them until they get born again. It doesn’t say “Michael and Gabriel” here, but just knowing the
Word, and I know that when God delivers top messages throughout the Word, Daniel and a few other
places, it’s always Michael and Gabriel. Gabriel has his responsibility. Michael has his.
When Elijah died God took him from here over to there and they couldn’t find him. This says they
looked steadfastly toward heaven, they looked up. The other group that watched Elijah looked that
way. When Jesus went up that’s the way they looked. He was the first one that ever went up.
Somebody has to carry a message now that’s right on. Would you send a second rate angel or would
you send your top brass if you were God? I don’t think there’s any question about who it was in the
minds of those who really want to understand God’s Word. The great significance of ‘white’ of
course represents purity but I know it’s got to be a lot bigger that I understand the word white. I have
gone through the Old Testament studying color and whenever white is used is with all of its
greatness, all of its beauty, all of its perfection. That’s why these two angels appearing as men stood
by them in white apparel.
Acts 1:11
“ye men of Galilee” – when they spoke, the first thing they said was, “ye men of Galilee.” This now
becomes really significant because Judas Iscariot has just left and only the 11 apostles were left and
they were all Galileans. I mean of the ones he spoke to. It does not say that these were the only ones
present at the ascension. It says they were the only ones spoken to. Weather some of the other
disciples were present, I’ll let you figure out.
“shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him” – He went up in a cloud and they couldn’t see