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ACTS 1:22 - 2:1 - Corps Notes - October 7, 1975

Topic: PRONUNCIATION / FUNERALS,logospedia,lp
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Publication Date: October 7, 1975

October 7, 1975
Dr. Wierwille began this Corps meeting by sharing on the importance of pronouncing words,
especially proper names, correctly when reading the Word. It’s good to have a Bible with
pronunciation keys in it. Use the keys for pronouncing the words in the Word of God.
Having just performed a memorial service, Dr. Wierwille shared some facts and thoughts about
funerals. Some of the significant points shared are included in this text. When you are hurt it is a time
to heal, a time to put the ointment of love, tenderness, grace, beauty, etc. on it. Funerals are so
paganistic. When people have a death in the family they’ll let someone else do about anything to
them. That’s how they get $5000 out of people for a silly casket, because you are real vulnerable and
most people just don’t think at times like this.
When teaching or sharing at a memorial service, funeral, etc. share things such as that there is no
consciousness at death. Where there is no time the next moment is the gathering together. We are
gathered together at such times to pay our respects to the person, but not our last respects. Build up
the family. When you have heartaches like that, it’s no time to tear people down. That’s the time to
build them up. Dr. Wierwille takes very few memorial services and doesn’t take such a service to
convert people. That’s the time to teach the greatness of the love of God, the return. Get them
converted some other time. The Word is always comforting, healing. The Word is always life, never
Among our Way people we have to keep working and tell our people to close the casket. Just keep
teaching this. In the Bible the oldest son and the wife were the only ones who saw the father in death.
The oldest son was called in because he would be the top inheritor in the family and he closed the
father’s eyes. A casket experience can be real hard, and you’ll never forget it as long as you live. If
you don’t see the person in the casket then you will keep a positive picture in your mind of that
person and not a picture of the person in a casket. (Someone in the Corps shared that there is a
1700% profit for undertakers.)
There are a lot of things that we need to smarten our people up on. For instance, there was a law.
Let’s say that we owned property. If we sign that over to our children three years before we die, then
there is no inheritance tax on it. But they don’t tell you this because the government wants the tax. As
far as I know this is nationally true - that there is no inheritance tax if signed over three years before
I think that God knows before the foundation of the world what we are going to do. Therefore, why
would God not prepare men and women to be in the Way Corps?
I’d rather die if I were a member of the Way Corps than leave it. If you are called to that then nothing
else in life matters because if you blow it there you’re dead anyway. The Corps is of God.
Tonight again back to that great book of Acts. I do not know academically why the human mind
operates the way it does, where if you are taught something and you’ve got that in your head then
you can read something that is absolutely the opposite of what you have in your head and you’ll
never see what you read. You’ll only see what you’ve got in your head. I don’t know academically
how to explain it, but I just know that it works that way. Here in the book of Acts people have never
seen what we see here. And yet kids like us can sit here and we can see it. There’s a record that Satan
has blinded their eyes (II Corinthians 4:4). It must be then Satan that blinds your eyes. I’m still
looking for more and more light all the time on this thing of Satan’s blinding the eyes. This is one of
the truths of God’s Word that keeps building in my mind - always looking. Last week I cast my eyes
over a newspaper and somebody had been killed in an automobile accident. And the witnesses said
that he was sure that the man had looked both ways and yet drove right out in front of a semi. What
could have happened? People have eyesight. What is in this world that causes this at times? The
more I work this the more I’m convinced that it’s a spiritual blindness, that it’s the Adversary, with
one of the devil spirits, who pulls like a sheet over your eyes. You look but you do not see. You have
your eyes opened but it doesn’t register. I think the Word of God must be like that. People read the
Word of God and never see it. They are never able to carry it out because they don’t see it. You can’t
carry it out if you don’t see it.
Here we are in the tremendous first chapter of Acts which is just mind blowing to Christians today
because there are at least 5,6,7, maybe more than that, common truths in that first chapter that
nobody has understood for centuries. We handled that record and closed with that last time, with
Walter Cummins told me something interesting — that the record in Matthew 27:5 where it says
that Judas went out and hanged himself was a figure of speech. The word, hanged is used
metaphorically according to a Latin author. “Hanged” is used metaphorically meaning that he went
out over-burdened, sorry. Literally it means to squeeze and metaphorically to squeeze yourself, to get
all choked up. He killed himself after the ascension, whether it’s metaphorical or not, the impaling
did not occur until the record in Acts.
Acts 1:22
“witness with us of His resurrection” - You see why the resurrection sits central in Christianity?
Witnesses of the resurrection. Nobody else has ever been resurrected.
Matthew 27:51-53
Verses 52-53 don’t belong in there. It was added. This is totally out in Matthew. Men like Lazarus,
women like Dorcus, were not resurrected, they were just bought back to life again, but they died.
Once there is a resurrection there is no more death and the only one who has been resurrected is the
Lord Jesus Christ. All of the religious leaders of all times are dead. Only one has gotten up and we
have the proof not only in the senses world by the men who saw him, men like Peter, Andrew, etc.
Those who walked with him and talked with him for about 40 days, certainly their witness is worth
more than someone’s unbelief 2000 years later.
In a court of law the one who is closest to an incident carries the greatest validity in testimony. Why
would men like Peter, Matthew, John, hazard their lives for a lie? Would you? No! But boy, they saw
him resurrected, the same Christ, and that’s why they had the dynamic of their conviction and they
spoke with authority. You couldn’t talk them out of the resurrection. You have to live today to get
talked out of it. One of the reasons they get talked out of it is that they don’t know anything about the
manifestations. The speaking in tongues is the proof of the resurrection. God did not leave Himself
without a witness. Without a resurrection there could have been no speaking in tongues. Even from a
sense knowledge view if I didn’t believe in the Bible I would have to believe that Peter and those
guys saw something really terrific because why would they hazard their lives, why would they let
anyone kill them if necessary, to say, “Yes I believe in the resurrection.”?!
The requirement was that the person had to be someone who had been with them since the baptism of
John and a witness, a witness, a witness of the resurrection, tremendous qualifications (for selection
of one to replace Judas).
“ordained” - If one is to be ordained it has to be of God because ordination is not of men, it’s of God.
We go through an ordination service in The Way ministry but if you don’t have a ministry I could
ordain you from now on and it would not do you any good. Ordination is of God. Ministries are
called of God. Ephesians says so. Ordained to be a witness of his resurrection and that witness is
two-fold: (1) He has seen him in his resurrected body. (2) That person speaks in tongues.
Speaking in tongues is the greater witness, even than physical sights. You can be fooled physically
but can’t be fooled speaking in tongues.
Acts 1:23
“appointed” - could be translated “made stand” or “nominated”
Acts 1:24
“whether” = If either
“Thou hast chosen” - If there is going to be someone ordained God has to do the choosing; otherwise,
ordination is simply manmade.
Acts 1:25
“take part” take is lambano and part is kleros, however one text has topos which means place.
“from which Judas by transgression fell” – literally means ‘from which Judas transgressed.
“his own place” — property (It does not say “hell“) Judas had bought himself a property and he went
back to his own place, his own property. Why anyone wants him to go to hell all the time I’ve never
been able to figure out. To me that is real devilish teaching. That’s the last place I want to see
anybody go. I prefer heaven.
Acts 1:26
“lots” – one text reads ‘ballots’ – how they did this, I don’t know but I do know they did not throw
dice. Matthias was numbered with the eleven, so now we have twelve apostles again.
Acts 2:1
“And” – is a conjunction, there should never have been a chapter here.
“they” - eleven apostles plus Matthias. ‘They’ is controlled by its closest associated noun. There were
only twelve. All of us have been taught there were 120 and they were in the upper room.
“in one place” - Luke 24:49-53 - When the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one
accord in one place. Pentecost had been in the process of coming ever since the fall of man in
Genesis 3. Why did it take God so long to get around to it? Because the true God has to wait for
people to believe. The wrong god, the Adversary, does not have to wait for people to believe, but
rather he possesses, he controls, he makes you a medium, a channel. Whenever you see anybody
possessed by a spirit or driven by something that he or she is not in control of, it’s always the Devil,
the Adversary, or one of his spirits — ALWAYS! God always gives man the freedom of will to make
the choice. That’s why I like freedom of will. The reason it took God so long is because there wasn’t
anybody to believe. The true God cannot operate until people believe. The only reason this ministry
is moving is because a few people are believing and as long as somebody will believe it will move.
When our people quit believing it will quit moving because God will not compel you to carry the
accuracy of God’s Word. You, by the freedom of your will have to make up your own mind is God’s
Word God’s Will, then you walk with it and say, “Thus saith the Lord.”
Every woman today is made just like Mary was made. Every woman is made to bring forth the
Christ. Why did God have to wait thousands of years until Mary came along? Because nobody
believed until Mary came. “Be it unto me according to thy Word”, that’s believing. Are we really
saying it or are we just mouthing it? Never let anyone overstep your freedom of will. All hypnotism
is of the Devil because you cannot be hypnotized without a spirit and no one who doesn’t have a
devil spirit can hypnotize you. No one teaches freedom of will. The best they teach is “it’s better to
be ‘red’ than dead.” That means you just give in to anybody who wants to take over. That’s a lie
from hell. We have freedom of will to stand against anything. Unless believers stand there is no
The day of Pentecost was in the process of coming. All through those thousands of years the Devil
had kids. God never had a child because no one was believing until Mary came along and she made
that great statement. In that culture when a woman got pregnant before she was supposed to it was
unheard of. She was the scum of the earth and according to the law was supposed to be executed.
God didn’t choose some old whore or hag. That Mary was a woman’s woman. You talk about
believing - look at Mary’s believing. Hebrews 11 rings like a clarion call in my mind every time I
get in Acts, when it gives the history of some of those great Old Testament believers. They were all
men and women who dared to do one thing; believe God. They all stood against the culture. They all
stood against the odds. They were all laughed at and yet you and I have the truth because those men
and women dared to stand. Well, what about you?
Pentecost was so fantastic that even Jesus Christ did not know what it was all about because it was a
mystery that God had hidden. Look at what we have to live for and to live with. Look at the joy and
the power available to us if we just believe and stay faithful.
In I Corinthians 4:2 it says that the criterion of a steward (also in the Gospels) is that a man be
found faithful. God’s Word can lead you into the reality of the greatness of it, when you rightly
divide it and read what’s written and do it.
“with one accord in one place” – the ‘place’ was the Temple. The ‘one accord’ is unity of purpose.
You ought to mark “one accord” in Acts. Imagine twelve in one accord. Imagine 3000 in one accord.
It’s the same God today.
You’ve got a proof of the resurrection with speaking in tongues. You have as much proof as the
apostles had during those 40 days.
“fully come” – Never fully came before. To fully come, you have to have a birth. The birth then
makes possible the manifestation. Once you have the birth the manifestation can come. Once they
have the birth of Christ in them they can manifest. In the Old Testament it never fully came. It was
only upon them by appointment. That’s the fullness in which you and I live today and to have the
freedom of will to believe it. The Word is what turned the world upside down in the first century -
men who believed and acted on the Word. The one thing that lived was the Word and it lived because
men dared to believe it. That’s the greatness of the book of Acts in opening up this second chapter.