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A New Kind of Love

A New Kind of Love

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Victor Paul Wierwille (December 31, 1916 – May 20, 1985) dedicated his life to the research and teaching of the Bible. In his quest for truth he consulted and worked with some of the most outstanding individuals in Biblical studies and Christian living; including Karl Barth, Joseph Bauer, Glenn Clark, Karl J. Ernst, Joseph Friedli, Louis C. Hessert, Elmer G Homrighausen, E. Stanley Jones, George M. Lamsa, Richard and Reinhold Niebuhr, K. C. Pillai, Paul Tillich, Ernst Traeger, and many others.

Dr. Wierwille received his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from present day Lakeland College, and conducted graduate studies at the University of Chicago and Princeton Theological Seminary. It was at Princeton that Wierwille earned the Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. He later completed his Doctor of Theology degree at Pike's Peak Bible Seminary and Burton College in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Dr. Wierwille was the author of numerous books in the field of Biblical research, including Are the Dead Alive Now?; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today; Jesus Christ Our Passover; and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed. Additionally, he developed and taught several comprehensive classes directed toward helping people to understand the Bible and to increase the power of God in their lives, such as the Power For Abundant Living series, Living Victoriously, and the University of Life courses. Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille was the founder and president of a world-wide Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry for forty years; as well as the founder and president of several Biblical research centers, colleges, leadership training, and Christian outreach programs associated with it.

Victor Paul Wierwille served the Lord with unending joy all the days of his life as he travelled continuously throughout the world to hold forth the Word of God. He reached thousands of people during his lifetime through his live presentations, numerous radio and television broadcasts, film and video classes, and recorded teachings. And countless others continue to enjoy and be enriched by his books and hundreds of hours of recorded works, many of which are available in the public domain. A detailed listing of his work, as well as more information about his life and teachings can be found at Eternally Blessed (

A New Kind of Love
I want to teach in the field of love for a moment, because so little is understood and known
about this great field which came specifically into concretion and reality with the new birth on
the day of Pentecost. This new birth on the day of Pentecost brought a new kind of love, which
had been made available to us, however, by Jesus Christ. As we understand this new kind of
love, we come to the great realization that there really never was any love before the day of
Pentecost, that the love that came with the day of Pentecost is a spiritual thing on the inside, and
it only comes into concretion, in manifestation, as we put it on in our mind and manifest it forth.
There are three words, three Greek words, translated “love.” It’s the word agapaō, the word
phileō, and the word erōs. Erōs is nothing more than just the kind of love that one animal would
have for another, basically speaking. The word phileō love is the kind of love where one person
loves another because one person scratches your back you’re gonna scratch the other fellow’s
back, so forth. It’s the word from which we got the English word, for instance, Philadelphia,
brotherly love.
The other is the word agapaō. Agapaō is translated in the King James “charity” as well as
“love.” The word “charity” and “love” translation are way too weak for this word agapaō. The
word agapaō literally means that it becomes yours when you’re born again of God’s spirit, when
that eternal life which is Christ in you comes in at the time of the new birth. He brings with him
many things, this new birth has many things, among which it has agapaō, which is love of God.
Then we have the love of God spiritually, but how do I get it into manifestation, into concretion?
This I do by putting this love of God which I have received spiritually into my mind, and
manifest it forth by my walk. This is why every place where the word agapaō, or “charity,” is
used, it should be translated “the love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation.”
Now with those basic truths set before you, again let me say that this new kind of love, the
agapaō love, was brought to the world by Jesus Christ. The thing that people have called “love”
has been basically nothing more than sexual attraction, or brotherly love where you scratch my
back, I scratch your back. If you do not do right to me, I’m not going to do right to you. But
we’ll get along good together in a brotherly fashion because it’ll be profitable for me, it’ll be
profitable for you, therefore we just have this kind of love.
Both of these, the phileō love and the sexual love of the erōs, are relatively insignificant and
never build a certainty within life or within the depth of the soul of a man which is lasting.
This thing which we have called love has been basically nothing but sex attraction. You see,
this sex attraction which we refer to as love is hardly any higher than that seen in the animal
world which is nothing but erōs. But Jesus Christ brought a new thing. This word translated
“charity” or “love” in our Bible should always be translated “the love of God in the renewed
mind in manifestation.” When we are born again we are born in love. God is love, and so the
new birth is the impartation of the nature of the Father which is love. Then by birth spiritually we
become children of love. This family to which you and I belong then is a love family because we
are born into this family.
Paul speaking in Romans, chapter five, and I’ll just read this to you, Romans chapter 5, listen
to this from the New Testament, Romans 5:5, and I just flip to it, “. . . And hope maketh not
ashamed; because,” listen, “the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the holy ghost which
is given unto us.” The love of God, the agapaō, is shed abroad in our hearts, within the spiritual
part of man, by God who gave this unto us. So you see, the love of God has flooded us within,
it’s our spirit, it’s on the inside. You don’t feel, smell, taste, or touch spirit, but the Word says
it’s in there because when Christ came he brought it with him. This love nature which we now
have spiritually is the great law of the new creation in Christ Jesus.
Remember in John 13, in verses 34 and 35, Jesus had declared, “A new commandment I give
unto you, that ye love (agapaō) one another; even as I have loved (agapaō) you, that ye also love
(agapaō) one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye love (agapaō)
one another.” This love was to be the stamp, the brand if you please, that would differentiate the
believer from the people of the world. The Apostle Paul declared, “. . .I bear, or I have branded
on my body, the marks of the Lord Jesus.” He meant that he had the scars and wounds that had
been given to him due to persecutions, but the believer, the born-again believer, bears the marks,
the brands, of the love of Christ upon his spirit.
In Romans, chapter 12, verses 5 to 6, it says that every man when he comes into the family of
God has the measure of faith given to him. This measure of faith is spiritual faith. Now in order
to manifest this in the believing world, in the senses realm in the believing world, he must renew
his mind. He has it spiritually but it comes into concretion into manifestation, when he believes
with his mind what he has spiritually. He has to cultivate faith, spiritual faith, to make it manifest
into the senses realm and develop it. Likewise, the same thing is true regarding this new kind of
love which is given unto us when we are born into the family of God. That measure of love is
given unto you and it comes with the new birth. This is the love nature. This love nature
spiritually must be developed as you develop your faith life and manifest it forth by believing
into the senses world. As you give love freedom to grow and act, it naturally will gain in
ascendancy in your whole life, in your whole being.
This love of God which is in the renewed mind in manifestation must be fed by the Word of
God and then it will express itself in action as we operate it. Remember according to Matthew
4:4 Jesus declared, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of
the mouth of God.” You see, the real man of whom I am speaking is your spirit. If you’re born
again of God’s spirit that is the real man. Your spiritual hunger and your spirit needs are just as
great as your mental or your physical needs. Your spirit must have the privilege of meditating in
the Word. You must learn to feed upon this Word of God as Jeremiah did when he said he ate it,
he ate the Word (Jeremiah 15:16).
You feed and exercise this new love that has come into you by practicing love. The exercise
makes it strong, just as exercise makes your body strong. Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the Word of
Christ dwell in you richly... ” gaining the ascendancy over all of your faculties. This agapaō
love, this love life, makes you gentle, makes you Jesus Christ-like, it makes you strong and
vigorous like the Master. It makes you absolutely fearless in your walk with the Lord. You
know, some people have imprisoned love, and I recently heard of a father that locked up his boy
in a room and kept him a prisoner until that child was nearly dead. How many have done that
same thing to love? Instead of letting love have its perfect sway and control we have limited it.
“The mind of Christ is the key to our love life.”Dr. VPW