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1 Timothy 5:25

1 Timothy 5:25 (KJV)

25 Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.

1 Timothy 5:25 (Literal)

25 Likewise, the good works of some are evident immediately while the good works of others cannot remain hidden indefinitely.

CONTEXT- Treatment of Leaders, The Believers' Responsibility 

1 Timothy 5:1-6:2

Ch 5 1 Do not lash out against an elder, but advise him as a father, and the younger men as brothers, 2 and the elder women as mothers, and the younger women as sisters, with all uncontaminated leadership. 3 Give honor [support] to widows who are truly widows [without the potential for support]. 4 But if any widow has children or grandchildren, let them first learn to show godliness in their own home and so repay what is due their parents and grandparents. This is acceptable in the sight of God. 5 Now she that is truly a widow and left alone [without children or grandchildren] has her Hope in God and is persistent night and day in prayers of request for specific needs and prayers of commitment and devotion. 6 But she that lives only for pleasure and luxury is spiritually dead while she lives. 7 Press upon them the importance of these matters, that they may be blameless [prepared on all points]. 8 If anyone does not provide for his own, especially for those who are of the household of faith, he has denied the household of faith and is worse than an unbeliever. 9 Designate [to be taken care of by the ministry] a widow who is at least sixty years old, who has been married to one husband, 10 who has a testimony of beautiful works, who has raised children, who has been a gracious hostess, who has served her guests well, who has relieved the oppressed, and who has devoted herself to every good work. 11 But avoid [designating to be taken care of by the ministry] younger widows, for when their sensual urges overcome their desire to serve Christ exclusively, they desire to marry again; 12 and their judgment is set [exclusion from the designation of true widows], because they have discarded their former believing [commitment]. 13 Besides that, they get into the habit of being idle while they wander about from house to house; and not only idle, but gossips and meddling busybodies, talking about things they should not talk about. 14 Therefore, I determine that the younger ones should remarry, bear children, guide the home, and not give even one opportunity to the adversary to accuse them. 15 (For some have already turned aside to follow Satan.) 16 If any believing man or woman has widows, let him or her support them; and do not allow the church to be burdened, so it can support those who are truly widows. 17 Let the elders that perform well as leaders in the Church be considered worthy of double honor [complete support], especially those who work hard in teaching the Word, 18 for the scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain” and “A worker is worthy of his pay.” 19 Do not entertain an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses. 20 Reprove before everyone [necessary] those [elders] that sin so that the rest may continue to have respect. 21 I charge you before witnesses (God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the chosen angels) to observe these matters carefully without preconceived judgment, doing nothing out of partiality. 22 Lay hands on no one prematurely. Do not fellowship in the sins of others. Keep yourself uncontaminated in leadership. 23 Stop drinking water exclusively and use a little wine for your digestion and frequent weaknesses. 24 Some men are notoriously unfit, but the unfitness of others is not manifest until they are tried. 25 Likewise, the good works of some are evident immediately while the good works of others cannot remain hidden indefinitely. Ch 6  1 Whatever bondslaves are under the yoke, let them consider their own masters worthy of all honor, that the name of God and the doctrine be not blasphemed. 2 Let those who have believing
masters not think disparagingly of them, since they are brothers. Rather, let them serve [even more] as bondslaves because those who
are helped by their good service are beloved believers. Teach and encourage them to do these things.


The Structure of 1 Timothy

A. I Timothy 1:1 and 2: The Salutation.
    B. I Timothy 1:3-20: The Charge.
      C. I Timothy 2:1-15: Prayer—The Leader’s Responsibility.
        D. I Timothy 3:1-13: Qualifications of a Leader.
          E. I Timothy 3:14-4:5: Purpose and Conflict. This is the central/center section.
        D. I Timothy 4:6-16: Conduct of a Leader.
      C. I Timothy 5:1-6:2: Treatment of Leaders, The Believers’ Responsibility.
   B. I Timothy 6:3-21a: The Charge.
A. I Timothy 6:21b: Salutation.


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