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Topical Study on Ordination & The Gift Ministries - Other Books

A list of books with chapter titles by other authors related to the subject of "Ordination & The Gift Ministries".

Topic: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers
Format: text

Materials by Rev. Walter J. Cummins

“Chapter 14 – Workers for God” Demonstrating God’s Power
“Chapter 17 – The Gifts of God” Demonstrating God’s Power

Materials by Other Authors

“Player-Coaches for God” – Rev. L. Craig Martindale The Living Word Speaks
“The Pastoral Heart of the Teacher” – Rev. Ross Tracy The Living Word Speaks
“Principles of Church Administration and the Successful Christian Fellowship” – Rev. Ralph Dubofsky The Living Word Speaks
“Keeping Your Spiritual Deposit” – Rev. Earl Burton Keeping Your Spiritual Deposit