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Principles of Health and Healing

This article "Principles of Health and Healing" was taken from the Heart Magazine, Volume 10, Number 4.

Topic: health, healing, deliverance, Heart Magazine
Format: pdf
Pages: 4


Mrs. Wierwille often works with people on two points. Number one is self-condemnation. They feel bad about themselves for being sick, forgetting that they’re still sons of God and that he still loves them. “Before we knew the accuracy of God’s Word,” she recalls, “we thought that keeping ourselves condemned was a wonderful, humble thing, because that’s what we were taught.” Now she reminds me, “Who is it that condemns us? It wouldn’t be God – He justified us! We work from where we are now, not from what we did not do yesterday. God is interested in us where we are today.”

The second point Mrs. Wierwille makes is that the spirit of God quickens our mortal bodies. “When you’re born again of God’s spirit, you have Christ in you – his eyes behind your eyes, Christ behind every cell in your body. Believe that the spirit from God is quickening your body, making it alive and healthy.”
Both of these truths are found in Romans chapter 8, a chapter often recommended by Mrs. Wierwille as daily reading. Here, God tells us plainly that we’ve been delivered. “God has made it so easy for us,” she says. “We just have to think of ourselves as God thinks of us.”