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Galatians 5: 13-26 Corps Notes 1983

5:13 “Brethren” – 75 times in church epistles (9 times in Galatians): 11 in Romans 20 in I Corinthians 3 in II Corinthians 9 in Galatians 1 in Ephesians (in KJ version, but omitted in the original text) 6 in Philippians 4 in Colossians 14 in I Thessalonians 7 in II Thessalonians 2 in Philemon

The only epistle that does not have it is Ephesians. Of the pastoral epistles, Timothy and Titus do not have it. There is a reason why those words were used, and why it is not used in Ephesians, Timothy and Titus. In Romans, it is the doctrinal treatise, the Magna Charta of the church regarding our justification by believing, not works. To the Church, they did not have the full meaning, they were born again but they did not understand the mystery yet so Paul had to remind them constantly that they are brothers. Thessalonians was one of the first epistles written. It was written regarding the Hope. If they did not have anything else, at least they had that hope and they need to be reminded in that hope that they are brothers.

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Publication Date: 11-30-1983

Walter J. Cummins graduated from the Power for Abundant Class in 1962. 

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Ohio State University in 1968 and his Master of Education degree in Secondary School Administration in 1978 from Wright State University.

He was ordained to the Christian by The Way International in 1968. He has studied at The Way International under Victor Paul Wierwille and K.C.Pillai. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he was director of the Research department of the Way International  and served as assistant to the president.