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Galatians 4: 1-7 Corps Notes 1983

We saw in Chapter 3 that Abraham's believing was accounted to him for righteousness, and those that are of the seed of Abraham are those who believe. It is not those of the physical line, but those who believe are considered the sons of Abraham and they are blessed with faithful Abraham. It is not the law that does it because those that are lead by the law, or do the works of the law, are also bound by the curse of the law. And yet Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law! That statement "Christ redeemed us" in verse 13 is the very key to understanding what we are going to get into in Chapter 4. He redeemed us; it was Christ who was the promised seed, promised to Abraham that redeemed us from the curse of that law, so that the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus Christ coming and fulfilling that law, and redeeming us from the curse of that law, we could never have gotten back to the original promise to Abraham. Read the literal of verse 26, “For all of you are sons of God by the faith of Jesus Christ”. How did we get to be the sons of God? – by the faith of Jesus Christ. How did we get the faith of Jesus Christ? – by be1ieving! It was because of Jesus Christ's uttermost believing that made it available for us to believe unto righteousness. We then receive the faith of Jesus Christ which makes us a son of God! When you get it, it is Christ within you! You are identified with, enclosed with Christ!

In conclusion, you are the seed of Abraham and you are heirs according to the declared promise to Abraham. How did you receive the spirit? By believing what you heard. (The last 4 verses in chapter 3 answer this.) Chapter 4:1 – 7 captures all that he said previously to bring him to the conclusion back in 3:29. Chapter 4:7 is the conclusion of the conclusion.

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Publication Date: 11-02-1983

Walter J. Cummins graduated from the Power for Abundant Class in 1962. 

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Ohio State University in 1968 and his Master of Education degree in Secondary School Administration in 1978 from Wright State University.

He was ordained to the Christian by The Way International in 1968. He has studied at The Way International under Victor Paul Wierwille and K.C.Pillai. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he was director of the Research department of the Way International  and served as assistant to the president.