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Galatians 2: 1-14 Corps Notes 1983

Historical Facts

Gallia, Acts 18, was the pro council at Corinth, the summer of 51 to the summer of 52 A.D. Some historians say 51-53. There is no documentation to determine who is right. Most of the time they served for just one year.

The soonest time Paul could have traveled to Corinth would be sometime in 51 A.D. The Jerusalem Council in Acts 15 had to transpire sometime between 49-51 A.D. Acts 18:2 - Aquilla and Priscilla left Rome and came to Corinth. Why did they leave Rome? Because Claudius had commanded all Judeans to leave Rome around 49 A.D.

Considering this time (51 A.D.) according to Judean reckoning, about 14 years before that would take you to the year 37 A.D. Galatians 2:1 – 14 years after, is this 14 years from the time of his conversion, or is it 14 years from his first visit to Jerusalem after the 3 years? If it was the later, then it would have been 17 years from his conversion (34 A.D.).

It is interesting that in the year 37 A.D. ARETUS took over Damascus and had war with Herod who represented Rome. II Corinthians 11:32,33; Acts 9 – Aretus died in 40 A.D. John 18:31, when they were taking Jesus to Pilate – Judeans said it is not lawful according to Roman law for us to put any man to death. That’s why the Romans (Pilate) had to do the dirty work. Now there is a record in Acts 7 about the Judeans stoning Stephen, which was before Paul’s conversion. One or two things happened, either they stoned Stephen illegally (which is very possible) or they stoned Stephen in the year 36 A.D., the year that Pilot was brought back to Rome and there was an interregnum, or a period of time when there was not a governor at Jerusalem between Pilot and the next governor that arrived. And so the Judeans were responsible for carrying out their own laws, since there was no Roman government at that time to take care of them.

The Word does not give us anymore specifics so we really do not know whether Paul’s conversion was in 34 or 37 A.D., but it is within that period of time. At least we know that for a period of 14 years, Paul did not have any contact with the leadership in the church at Jerusalem.

In Galatians 2:1 and Acts 15:1-3, one of those “certain others” had to be Titus.

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Publication Date: 10-05-1983

Walter J. Cummins graduated from the Power for Abundant Class in 1962. 

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