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Acts 20:1-38 - Corps Notes - December 7, 1976

Again here in the twentieth chapter of Acts, there’s no man living who can set the greatness ofthis thing like the Word sets it. Again my ability to set this is far below par, which I recognize,and yet some of the great salient truths in here are just absolutely fantastic.Afte ... Read more

ACTS 22:1-30 - Corps Notes - January 4, 1977

It was just one trouble after another. People say, “Well at least he got to witness.” Well, I guessthat’s right, but it isn’t right in the great sense in which the Word moves. The only reason hegot a chance to witness is because he had been out of alignment and harmony and wal ... Read more

Acts 23:1-35 - Corps Notes - January 6, 1977

Well, tonight we continue in the great opportunities with which Paul was confronted in theBook of Acts. This is the record tonight in the Book of Acts where, I think it’s in theFoundational Class when we talk about revelation, or is that the Advanced Class; the revelationPaul ... Read more

Acts 24:1-27 - Corps Notes - January 6, 1977

Acts 24:1“descended” - came downorator” – advocate; like a barrister; a lawyer. I believe, to the best of my recollection, he musthave been Roman. It sort of surprises me that the top Jewish leadership of the Sanhedrin, wouldget an unbeliever to front for them. But ... Read more

Acts 26:1-32 - Corps Notes - January 11, 1977

You see, I believe that Paul had the finest education money could buy. I think that he was justso minutely educated that he could honestly say that of all the men of his day nobody exceededhim. So if this is true, which I know it is, that he arrived in Jerusalem perhaps along toward t ... Read more

Acts 27:1-12 - Corps Notes - January 13, 1977

This record in Acts 27 historically, from a historian’s point of view, is the finest record of atravel aboard ship and a shipwreck, in all history. There is no more detailed record in any placein secular history at all. In other words; this 27th chapter, as reported by Luke, under t ... Read more

Acts 27:9-44 - Corps Notes - January 18, 1977

There are over 50 nautical words or terms in the 27th chapter of Acts. I would just like tosometime get all those nautical terms down and give you a piece of paper with all 52 or 53terms on it. I think we closed with verse 8 the last time, so tonight we go with verse 9.Acts 27:9 ... Read more

Acts 28:1-31 - Corps Notes - January 27, 1977

The closing chapter, of course, sits here in Acts and it just all at once seems like it drops thewhole thing. I think it basically is because the original revelation of God’s greatness started inJerusalem on the day of Pentecost, then it moved to Samaria, then it moved to other citi ... Read more

Galatians Background - Galatians Corps Notes 1983

I'd like to begin again this year, as I did last year, by expressing my appreciation to the greatest teacher of our times, Dr. Wierwille, for entrusting the Corps teaching of God’s Word to me. And who am I? I am a student. I have sat at the feet of the teacher with the most magnificent heart an ... Read more

Galatians 1: 1-10 Corps Notes 1983

The author of Galatians is God. Paul is the writer. Paul named the Galatians himself. Galatians 6:11 - He wrote the Epistle himself which was not typical of Paul (Rom. 16:22). He would have a secretary, he would dictate it. Paul would usually write the salutation at the end (II Thess ... Read more

Galatians 1: 11-24 Corps Notes 1983

Dr. WierwilleYou cannot go beyond what you’ve been taught. You can do less, but not more. Paul was trained under Gamaliel, and he was a real legalist in Rabbinic Judaeism. Nothing but God Himself could have changed the apostle Paul because he was so steeped in tradition. Paul could never ... Read more

Galatians 2: 1-14 Corps Notes 1983

Historical FactsGallia, Acts 18, was the pro council at Corinth, the summer of 51 to the summer of 52 A.D. Some historians say 51-53. There is no documentation to determine who is right. Most of the time they served for just one year.The soonest time Paul could have traveled to Cori ... Read more

Galatians 2: 15-21 Corps Notes 1983

This confrontation with Peter could have happened before the Jerusalem council in Acts 15:1,2; however the Galatians record indicates the error on Peter’s part, followed the decision of the Jerusalem council and Peter perceived the grace given to Paul (Galatians 2:9) which makes his error remar ... Read more

Galatians 3: 1-14 Corps Notes 1983

Chapters 3-5 represent the “heart of the matter”. The following is a high level overview of these three chapters.3:1 Rhetorical Question. Figure of Speech “Erotesis” – does not have a stated answer immediately following it.3:2 This is another Rhetorical Question, as are ve ... Read more