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Acts - Men and Women Close to Paul - Discussion - December 7, 1976

I worked my fanny off on some of this stuff and didn’t get it done. I just couldn’t put it all
together. I just wondered if we couldn’t work on this and maybe put it together here with the
Corps. When we finally get this all put together I wondered if we then couldn’t just have it
mimeographed and give it to all the Corps every place, even those that have graduated. What
I’m after here, in this particular piece of work, are the men and women who are mentioned by
name who were close to Paul and many were companions in travel with him.

Maybe we can’t get it all done tonight, but I think they told you to bring your dictionaries and
stuff. We could go into, for instance, let’s look up Silas, if you brought it. Have I got any Corps
back there, like some of you women or any of you that want to handle this piece of work so that
you can do it and I don’t have to do it and you can learn doing it? Good! (Sue Wrenn and
Charlene Bishop volunteered.) I just made working copies for tonight. I think when we’re done
we ought to make a good copy and then everyone can have one.

Two things I’m interested in: original city they were from and the first mention in the Bible
with Paul. Take a look at Silas. In my dictionary it says, “A leading member of the church, who
also had prophetic gifts (Acts 15:22&32) I wonder if that’s the first mention of Silas. Look up
Acts 15:22; see if you have a center reference on Silas, and see what Bullinger does with it. A
concordance may work real good on this. The concordance says this is the first usage of Silas.

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Publication Date: 12-7-1976