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Acts 24:1-27 - Corps Notes - January 6, 1977

Acts 24:1
“descended” - came down
orator” – advocate; like a barrister; a lawyer. I believe, to the best of my recollection, he must
have been Roman. It sort of surprises me that the top Jewish leadership of the Sanhedrin, would
get an unbeliever to front for them. But, you know, if you want to pull the strings on anybody
then it doesn’t make any difference who you put in bed. Hire the mafia or anybody.
Acts 24:2
“when he was called forth” – i.e. Paul
“saying” - this is what he said to Felix
“great quietness” - he’s talking about the kind of quietness that you enjoy under a dictatorship,
because Felix had been chopping off heads, shooting people, hanging them, murdering them,
getting rid of them. And anybody that said anything against the government got shot, now.
And, of course, you shoot a few extra hundred to keep the rest of them; so we don’t have
anything but quietness. It is so quiet that everybody walks around with a long face, because if
you smile they may execute you cause they think you’re hiding something or you‘re tricky.
You just watch situations in countries that are enslaved. People do not smile.
“very worthy deeds are done unto this nation by the providence” - boy, it’s typical savvying-up.
Total lies, but, you know, it’s nice politics.

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Publication Date: 01-06-1977

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