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Acts 23:1-35 - Corps Notes - January 6, 1977

Well, tonight we continue in the great opportunities with which Paul was confronted in the
Book of Acts. This is the record tonight in the Book of Acts where, I think it’s in the
Foundational Class when we talk about revelation, or is that the Advanced Class; the revelation
Paul had. For two years there is no record of this great man of God ever winning one soul to the
Lord Jesus Christ. This tonight is that section. You see, that’s why I said I can’t figure Paul out;
it’s just unbelievable to me. Perhaps the greatest man of God the world ever had, now I’m
thinking from the mystery point of view, because the mystery was made known to this man. A
man that would go into Ephesus and in two years and three months all Asia would hear the
Word. Now in two years not one soul is won. I could cry because I feel the sensitivity, the great
in-depth thing that must have been in that man’s soul. What could have gone through his mind
in two year’s time? That’s as long as you are in residence in the Corps. Two year’s time;
something had to go through the mind of that man because his mind was like electricity. That’s
the way Paul thought. Imagine, two years; not one soul. Don’t ask me, I don’t know. You see
that’s why I can’t put Paul together. There’s just no way to do it. Imagine yourself for two
years; no record of success, just lost out of time, so to speak. I think they once had a show on
the lost weekend, didn’t they? This one is lost two years. Just imagine! The greatest man of
God with the great knowledge of the mystery and all that tremendous ability to really hold forth
the Word, teach it, totally fearless, bold as crazy, tremendous command of the language,
tremendous ability to motivate people: two years, nothing! What a time!

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Publication Date: 01-06-1977

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