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The Birth of Christ

Brief explanations on the following regarding the birth of Christ: Virgin Conception - Swaddling Clothes - Shepherds - Traditional Song - Gifts - December 25th. Read more

The Barren Woman

According to Eastern culture, a wife is looked down upon if she has no children. Also the childless widow, who has no future chance of bearing children, is thought of as being cursed of God. God does not wrong the barren wife, neither does He lack compassion on the childless widow. God is Spirit, an ... Read more

Ten Pieces of Silver

The pieces of silver are not ten pieces of money or ten coins. Much more than that, they are a gift most precious of all the gifts a bride receives from her bridegroom at the time of their marriage. The losing of one of the pieces of silver means the withdrawal of God's favor upon the family. Read more

Steward (Luke16:1-12)

A steward in Bible days was not a servant. He had full charge over all the servants and the household as well. He acted for his master in all matters. Read more


The mantle is always a sign of authority and power. In the East it is called "The mantle of authority" worn by priests. Read more

Justice (Elders at the Gate)

Elders at the Gate, sometimes called the masters of assemblies, are a local type of justice for each village. The name comes from the Sanskrit word "panchayat". These elders are elected. They are the "government of the people, by the people and for the people", so described many centuries ago in Ind ... Read more

Justice (Daysman)

A daysman shows both parties are in the wrong. In a court, it is only possible for one party to be wrong. Any fool can punish a wrong-doer, but it takes a gracious man to love the wrongdoer. Jesus loved us to the extent that he died for us! Can't we show as much love towards our next-door neighbo ... Read more

2 Kings 17:16 - Groves

Idols are frequently erected in the midst of a grove. In the Bible a grove is usually a small plot of ground higher than the surrounding land, on which there are trees that grow quickly and provide shade. These trees that grow quickly are known in the Bible as "green bay trees". Read more

Healing (Beggars)

In the Eastern philosophy, either Hindu, Mohammedan or Jewish, if a man is incurable and the doctors have given up on him, then he becomes a beggar, seeking not money, but healing. Read more