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SNT 0517 Youth Advance - ROA-71-1

August 15, 1971

SNT 517

Topic: roa, DRAFT, Paul, spirit, believers, synagogue, disciples, hands, evil spirits, power, life, Priscilla
Format: audio
Publication Date: 08-15-1971

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

Act 18:24-28; 19:1, 2

Act 19:2-9; (Act 8:17, 18)

Act 19:8-10

Act 19:10-13

Act 19:13-19

Act 19:19, 20



Snt-0517-YouthAdvance DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: Paul, spirit, believers, synagogue, disciples, hands, evil spirits, power, life, Priscilla


I'd like for you tonight to take your Bible and go to the great book of Acts chapter 18. The record in God's word of the outreach of the way ministry around the world. Verse 24, of Da de chapter and a certain Jew named a policy. Barnett Alexandria. Alexandria was in Egypt. Egypt, Alexandria in Egypt was one of the great learning centers. The place that we call Constantinople was another. These were the two great areas along with Ephesians, up in the Antioch area, and the city of Ephesus, by the way, perhaps at one of the finest libraries that has ever been. And they are currently doing archaeological excavations there. And perhaps some of these times, the archaeologist will have uncovered the vast majority of knowledge in that city of Ephesus, what Alexandria was any Egyptian city to which many of the Jews the Judeans, had fled because of persecution. And Alexandria was a learning center basically in Greek, while Constantinople and emphasis remained centers of Estrin Gilo, Aramaic, while in that great city of Alexandria, Egypt, a man lived by the name of a policy. He was well schooled, highly educated, and a very beautiful public speaker. It says he was an eloquent man. And that man was mighty in the Scriptures. And he came to emphasis. And this man was instructed in the way of the Lord, and being forbidden in the spirit, or being spiritually forbid, he's taken taught diligently that things of the Lord, knowing only the baptism of John, here was a man who was mighty in the Scriptures. But he was only mighty in those scriptures that he knew. And the only scriptures as far as he knew that scriptures included the baptism of John. Therefore, wherever he went, he would teach what he knew. You cannot teach any more than what you do. And if you know only the baptism of John, you're going to water baptize no matter what may happen, because that's all you know, and you can do beyond what you know. Now, this man was bourbon in the Spirit, he was spiritually on fire with what he knew. And yet, being zealous did not make him completely right because he had not gone far enough as we shall see. For verse 26, says, He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. Boom when Aquila and Priscilla had hurt. Aquila and Priscilla were two believers, born again of God's Spirit, failed by the power of the Holy Spirit who had been excommunicated from Rome. Because of the persecution that the Roman Empire Roman Emperor had inaugurated against the Christian Quillin Priscilla had heard they took him Apollo's onto them and expounded on to him the way a God more perfectly. Isn't that beautiful? Can you imagine for one minute tonight, inviting your minister home with you? taking him home for chicken with sunny Sunday noon or something? And opening on to him the Word of God more perfectly? Because he knew only the baptism of John denied I would stay there a lot of ministers ought to go home with you. Pilots was a golden tongue, Dora turret and aliquot man Mikey in the Scriptures No, only the baptism of John and two late people, a Quillen Priscilla, who had been excommunicated out in Rome. Were down in the episodes area visiting with friends. A lo and behold, they heard him teach and they said, apologize. We have please come home with us. We'd like to have you as our guests. And they took him home. And they expounded. They expounded they declared a gecko my day unfolded onto him, the way of God more perfect like.


And he accepted it. He believed it, he changed from where he was, on the baptism of John did the greatness of the revelation that Aquila and Priscilla had shared with him. And then, when he was disposed to pass into chaos, the Corinthian area, the brethren wrote, and that's tremendous to me. Because instead of sending Apollo's back into Ephesus, we'd have to say to the brethren, I'm sorry about that water trip we were on. I've learned the word of God more perfectly. Therefore, I'd like to apologize to you. Instead of God sending him back in there, you know what God said, send him on to Korean. And so they sent him on to Korean. And they wrote the brethren over there and exhorted the disciples to receive Him, apology, who, when he was come, help them, the believers in Kern much, who had believed through their good works, know, through great, verse 28. Far he might totally convinced the Jews and that publicly showing by the Scriptures that Jesus was God, no, sorry. Jesus was who? That's what it says that's what it means. That's right. And is a conjunction verse one of chapter 19, should never been a chapter there. Their conjunction and sets in correspondence that which follows with dot which precede. And the reason they don't understand chapter 19, is they never start in verse 2408. D to get around to it. And, and it came to pass that while Apollo was that Korean, Paul, having passed through the upper coats, came to emphasis and finding certain disciples. These disciples were born again, who had discipled them, a policy of policy had been there. He had one done for the Lord, they had confessed with their mouth, the Lord Jesus, they believe God raised Him from the dead, they were born again. But every one of them had been water baptized, because all that apologists knew was the baptism of odd. What's the word says? That's what it means. And a man can't teach beyond what he knows. And he knew only the baptism by John, therefore, he led them just about as far as most so called Christian churches go today. Somebody's got to go home with a quill and Priscilla. Why not? What when Paul gets damp as he finds disciples, they hadn't been discipled to the Lord under the Ministry of apology. He had taught them as much as he knew, and they were born again. So when Paul gets there, he said to the disciples, the born again believers, have you received Have you Alon bond owed? Have you manifested the pun or no Maha Gill? Holy Spirit? Since you believe and the word sense is the same word in the Greek that's translated when you can translate it When have you learned borrowed Pinocchio, when you believe if you like it better, since it's all right with me all I want to know did Joe Lombardo. He said unto them, Have you long bond owed by No myhockey Oh, and since she believed, and the disciples said unto him, we have not so much as heard whether there be any, a new Maha God, Holy Spirit. They had heard about the Holy Spirit who has done That's right. They knew God had been born again. They had heard all of that. But why? What are they not heard? They had not heard that there was a long by knowing manifestation in the census round, indisputable and undeniable, which was the proof that you're born again, a gun spirit.


They said, we've not so much as heard the reason they had not heard it, because one man who's who who discipled them to the Lord, who brought them forth was Apollo center Palace didn't know. And you can't teach beyond one, kiddo. Right? Right. Bless your heart. Sure. That's why they hadn't heard and ladies and gentlemen, that's why they're not hearing today. God's demand, who aren't supposed to know don't know, their lack of policies. They're tremendous men. Lot are wonderful man. But they don't know. Because they have not heard either. Most of them don't want to hear. But that's their business, not mine. It's my business and yours, to hold part that greatness of God's word, and declare tower day and time again, that says the Lord. It's God's word. And God's word is God's whale. It means what he says any it says what it means. That's right. Yeah, and he said unto them, well, then what were you baptized? And they said, under John's baptism, trout. The name said, Paul, and now Paul is simply saying, what John, what the Apollo's did, he said, John barely baptized with the baptism of repentance, saying under the people, that they should believe on Him, who should come after him? That is on Christ Jesus. And when they having heard what our policy said and taught, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. And that was by grace. They were born again baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Everything that Jesus is, was within them, that's the Baptist. Then a policy not knowing any more than it was a spiritual trip inside that he didn't know any more beyond the new birth, he had on water, baptized under John type of baptism. Now very sick. The first word is the word but it's the word and in the King James, but the text reads, but but sets that which follows in contrast with that which precedes but when Paul had laid his hands upon the, the born again, believers, he laid his hands on them because he had revelation. You never lay your hands on anybody without any revelation, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, God told him to lay his hands on. You don't go around all over the country. And every time you have a believers meeting, or you're minister to someone, you lay hands on people, y'all lay lay hands on people, if you have revelation to lay hands on them, otherwise you keep your dukes off of trust. And when Paul was like laying on a hand, somebody said they you patted him on the back. So many people needed a foot lower, but that's a different type of laying on our hands. And when Paul had laid his hands on them, deeper NUMA Dr. Gill came on them. And they speak with tongues and wad, prophesied, go raving, he laid his hands on them. And whenever the word says they laid hands on him, it indicates to you that there had to be revelation, word or knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning the spirits to find out exactly what he had to do to help those believers who had already been born again. They've been water baptized, you know, immersed, all that stuff, to lay hands on them, identified him with the person to whom he was ministering. If I laid hands on a person here tonight, then you would know the revelation that I received was not for you, but for that person. pacifically That's why when Peter and John came down from Jerusalem to Sumeria, they laid hands on the Samaritan. Because Philip didn't know how to do the ministry that far. But by revelation they laid hands on the Samaritan took out whatever was blocking the people. And Simon sa ws saw something right. You can't see spirit suck, man must have seen a manifestation and hear the word says very plainly.


Paul laid his hands on them. And after he laid his hands on the Panama hockey own came on them, not on them to the end of it being the new birth, it came on them in manifestation came on them to the end of manifesting for it says they spoke in tongues. Speaking in tongues is the external manifestation in that sense, this world of the internal reality and presence and fullness of the power from on high, the Holy Spirit, the new birth? Christ, can you go right? And it said they prophesied and all demand, all demand, we're about how many 12? How many were there? About 12 That I know one thing there were not even what 12? That's right. It doesn't say they had a great church in Ephesus of 5000 people or 1000 ambassadors. They had only Well, that's all that's where it began. And then some things happen. Very safe. And he, Paul went into the synagogue and spoke boldly for the space of three months disputing and persuading the things concerning the kingdom of God. But when divers the word divers means many, but when many were hard, and believe not, but speak evil of that way, which is speaking evil of the Way because Jesus Christ is the way they spoke evil of Dewayne that way with Jesus Christ is and which he had accomplished which was manifested in the new birth and the power of the Holy Spirit. When believers so called inside of the synagogue not born again believers but they thought they were believers in the Law of Moses and had all the answers when those people inside of the synagogue after Paul's witnessing in there for three months, and it says he spoke boldly. He did not hide speaking in tongues interpretation and prophecy under oath, look, virtual hate doc doc Word of God and l it out in the open and unspoken bowed like, you can speak the word of God with boldness. And you can speak it with love at the same time. We need men today and women like you people, and 1000s of others we have across the countries of the world. Get speak the word of God with boldness and with love. And this is the only ministry I've ever seen that's got the love that's worth talking about. All the rest. So a bunch of follow that try the rep set the rest off, keep your confined in their little echelons. And they will love you as long as you stay in the pan. Drop it just like a bird inside of the cage. As long as that little birds in that cage the most beautiful thing I've ever seen you go safe. And if that bird wants food it better people. Try. So you've got the little bird in a cage and he's totally free. He can flit around wherever he wants to. But he's still in the cage. You open the door and he gets out of that door and he really start seeing what your house is alive. I'll tell you you go get the broom. And you start texting him and said Get back in that cage, buddy. Come on back in that cage. Yeah, and get my cage see. You can't be out here. You've got to get it They're finally it goes back in the cage, you're close the door again. And you say, Well now you're free, go on chirp. Try, I'll bring you a little water when it's time give you a little bird seed when it's thought so they tell us we're free just as long as you stay within the cage. I've been through this one boys and girls, I've been through it to where they first you know, tell you how beautiful in that cage because you got security from the womb to the tomb you know and when we retire you, you'll always be taken care of as long as you serve the denomination. I even signed a little paper because I was so blessed and stupid that I would always be faithful to the denomination. Later on I learned once upon a time it's the word of God that I'm faithful to. Never did I ever read in my Bible that it said I had to be faithful to any denomination. So that thing they made me do they were wrong with to begin with, they would lie on like crazy them and they've been lying ever seems to thrive, I have no argument against him are in favor of I just want them to get off on my back and let me roll. If they don't get off. God would get them off for me. Anyway, he's done a good job for 30 years. And I'm on the move. And I'm too old to sell my soul for a lot of baloney now. That's right, because the word has to live. And it's got to live because somebody stands for it. Boy, you gotta just tell it like it is. And if people call that freedom, they try to coach you back and say, Come on, buddy. There's good food in that little thing. Yep, gone. That's where the real eaten is, you know, lo and behold, you go back in and close the door in their yard. They call it freedom. That if you don't get right back in that case, they get the broke. Then they put the scare in they say look, we got power. You better get back in there. If you don't, you're gonna lose your security from the womb to the toe. You know. We'll take all that away from you. Try Now, suppose you don't go in when they broom you the next step in the program is hire someone to instigate that took a little bit of persecution, you know, that's rough. They pick on your character friends. They say you never even attended college.


And, lo and behold, we gave him we excommunicated him. And they all say you know he and his wife don't live together. They can't get along. And lots of other stories. But they themselves will be very careful that they're never contaminated because they'll wash their hands before anything ever happens. And then the fourth step ladies and gentlemen, if that doesn't work, they simply dismiss you I never got to that point I just resigned in the way minutes ministry, we never asked anybody to leave anything. We never asked them to join anything. All we ask people to do is come back to God's word. believe God's Word. Read It Like It's written and start practicing. And that's fabulous. If you like it inside of the cage and you can handle the word we love, if you like it outside of the cage and you can handle the word we love you. We never asked you to join a thing. You can't join though a ministry you couldn't be BORN AGAIN of God's Spirit. And then you and I traveled the same road together for we got the same price then a Thrive You don't join heaven, God joins himself do to get you to go to heaven. You don't go around seeking Jesus. He's been seeking you for a long time, right? God who calls us it's the Lord Jesus Christ, who makes it possible for men and women to be born again, say filled with spirit that's run. He spoke in the synagogue and ladies and gentlemen, the synagogue was the place of religion. That was the place where the word of God was supposed to be. And when the great man Apostle Paul was there with our greatness of God word, he held it forth with all bro the would they listen to him? No, three months. That's all they could stand at God's Word in the systematized organization of that day, the ecclesiastical institution. And ladies and gentlemen, I doubt if our culture in our society can stand three months today. Three months, and he persuader with things concerning the kingdom of God. But when many were hardened, and believe not, but speak evil of that way before the multitude, he Paul departed from them, and separated the believers, the disciples, and He went into spirit daily is a school upon called Terena. He gave them an opportunity. For about three months, he declared the Word of God boldly, and when they wouldn't listen. He said, fellas, let's go. And he's split. what today is called the church. He split her right down, not the middle God, most of them stayed in a stupid synagogue with the unbelievers. He took the disciples and went to that school up Quranic. I think everybody has the right to hear God's word. I do not believe any man has the right to hear it twice, until every man has heard it once. Do you do not have the right to hear it the second time, if you won't believe it the first time until every man, woman, boy and girl across the world has heard it once. They have an opportunity to make up their mind whether they want to believe God's Word or not. Right. And so he left that synagogue went to the School of Toronto, and he took the disciples were they and he allowed the remainder to stay in the synagogue to keep their Margie just to hold their brick and stone whatever they wanted to. He just he never argued about the property. He just let them get the property. He took the greatest property in the whole world. And that's the barn again Son of God, those believers who wanted to be W O W ambassadors, those people he took with him to the school at Toronto. And this can tell you that the school a tyrannical by the space of two years, so that all day which dwelt in Asia, heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and what?


Great. That's continued by the space of two years, that all those which be in Asia, which is Asia Minor.


heard the word of the Lord Jesus, both Jews and great. Ladies and gentlemen. This is a feat which has never been duplicated in one generation since. The apostle Paul began with about 11 men. And in two years and three months, all Asia Minor heard the word of God under the mighty Ministry of this month, a feat which has not been duplicated in our generation, and we got multi million admissions. We have radio, we have television. We have religious publications and other publications by the barrel poll. And Asia Minor has never heard the word of God in one generation since but the Apostle Paul did it in two years and three months, ladies and gentlemen, is our DOD has changed our man has changed. Because nobody, no area like Asia Minor has heard the word of God in two years and three months. Well, I want to tell you something God hasn't changed. Its man that has changed. God is still the same God. He doesn't change He's like Jesus Christ. That same yesterday, today and forever. One of the things that has happened is that we've leaned on the arm a man. We thought man could figure it out. We can raise money for a nation. We can have our periodicals, we can use radio, we can use television, we can get leading citizens in the community to sponsor a lot of things. And so we've leaned on the arm a man instead of the arm of the Lord to get the job done. And ladies and gentlemen, it never gets done. When you lean on the arm a man, you're gonna lean on the arm of the Lord. And then the Lord has to touch people's hearts, men and women's hearts and lives. And when those lives aren't changed, when they're turned inside out, which means right side up and all the rest of it. And they start walking with an effervescence and with a glow and with a full so the power of God in manifestation in our life. On Malaysia minor again, can hear the word that God in two years and three months starting with about 12. It says in the 11th verse, that God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul Elektro translation of the 11 reads, And God was doing no ordinary Mikey works by the hand of Paul. So that from Paul's body, were brought under the sick handkerchiefs or aprons and the diseases departed from them, and evil spirits or out of people. In the last 50 years, they've got the cut up cheap. They use pinking chairs or something. They call them anointed handkerchiefs or anointed something. And then they blend things. And this is the verse that they use theologically to prove what they're doing. Because it says God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul they brought from his body on the sick handkerchiefs or aprons. So they send out what they call anointed prayer gloves. Boy, oh boy, if you can get anointed prayer clothes out of there, you got to read a different English than I'm reading. And if you don't like it in English, I'll read it with you in Greek and you're gonna have to read a different phrase. Now get some of my brains who can read an estrogen, Halo RMA, and you still can't touch it. So what did they do? They just take a little old, cheap, they tear it up thinking snips or something, whatever that scissors and and it got kind of afford to make them too big cost too much through the mail. So they cut him about that size. And then they lay him on an altar they call it and somebody with holy hand comes and puts his hands on them and blesses them. And then they send a little letter with a two year and say, we have prayed over this cloth it's an anointed healing God put it over the sick part of your body no longer God becomes the last thing Stop. They're sincere class but sincerity is no guarantee for truth. That that was just as sincere as we are. Just as sincere as any man. But sincerity is no guarantee for true truth sincerity or nose in sir. It's nice to be sincere but the guy that sold you a lake property close to the lake 10 feet underwater had to be shared a salary to you about the fellow that soldier that toothbrush with one fruitfully Need A Doctor these inferior if you had only one tooth, that was luck, Paul was commission revelation word on Ali's word of wisdom. God said that's what he's gonna do. It's like Moses. Remember? God said to Moses sat down there. Moses said. God said pick it up. And it turned out to be a lot sharper. Yes.


He said throw down, throw down. Try not to be a stick. If you ever tried picking up It's thick. Go and try it, see if you can make a serpent.


Why did it happen when Moses picked up the stick revelation, God told him what to do. And he did it. One day Jesus was at a wedding occasion, beautiful Cana of Galilee by remember the book they ran out of the poor stuff. So they asked Jesus to do something about it. And ever since he made good wine, somebody gets the idea every once in a while that he ought to turn some water into wine to a couple of years ago, I picked up an advertisement in a paper run evangelist was having a campaign and he advertised that God was going to do a miracle that night, turned water into wine. And I looked up the city before ecology got so popular, and it would have paid them in that city have they turned wine into water? Why? I just know one thing, the boy never got any water out of that wine. He was not commissioned to dunk gender stand. If God said to you tonight, stand up, reach up, up, put this into your hand. Ladies and gentlemen, if you stood up and reached up God did it but if God doesn't say it, you reach up you get absolutely nothing, not even apple butter or peanuts or Cracker Jacks. It's walking on the word walking on the Word and the Word is the greatest revelation God has ever given these other revelations or word of knowledge where the wisdom discerning of spirits only begin where the word terminates. What you can know from God's Word God expects you to know that's revelation. So you've got to get your nose in the book not in Reader's Digest life for time times are dry I simply say again to you tonight if you want more life take a look at God's word and give it more time God told him what to do and Paul did it and that's why those eight burns and that stuff that it mentioned when the people touched it that it ceases departed from them and those things were so powerful even the evil spirits lost their house they had to do and get out in a hurry. That must have been a hot apron they must have worn that cooking something like royal chicken or water it is solder on the charcoals are some anyways evil spirits was too hot for them they left and very Starkey starting up the bank upon do XR says Audio like that XR two says no one who exercise devil spirits who keep book guarded spiritualist DSP gang you know you know what they did? They took upon themselves to call over those other people who had evil spirits. Can you imagine an exorcist wanting to exercise and evil spirits over other evil spirits that's what the spiritual is called. casting out of devil this verse that's right they you took off on them to call over them we have evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus saying listen to this we adore you by Jesus Oh Paul preaches get out of that fellow


god I'm Phil hair the gathering together has and I know you can all hear me by There I just turned up the volume one degree that's all I don't know why people waste all their money on all this valuable equipment well anyway these XR tip take back to teach the word without having all that electricity the XR says nothing upon themselves to cast out evil spirits out of others by using the name that Paul breaks now that's a fine how do you do that's really something is my goodness one devils per test on another one you want me to tell you what it is? Hey, it's beautiful out here. I don't need any lighting you can see the background with those torches burning and all of that it's just beautiful. Well anyway, they the casting out of devil spreads to counterfeit is a bigger devil spirits. Cats out a little a tinier one one with less authority out of someone that's what they call casting out of evil spirits. And you know how they do it? I've been to these beautiful training centers you know? Where they cast them out and they say now look, you're a little evil spirit but we can re educate you Why don't you just come on out. If you come out we'll be nice to you we'll educate you that pretty soon your turn out to be a nice spirit that's how they talk to him when they pass out what they call evil spirits. But you know what it is all it is is a five star general devil spirits casting out a buck price or it may be a a five star general passing out of Colonel that's all but it never does the job and it's the powder bed. That's right.


So what happens after the word cast out the devil spirits that were being cast out just on demand, who was filled with a devil spirits trying to cast him out others and he just knocked that fella for a loop


that's the Bible says Daddy fled out of the house naked. I want to tell you that traveling fast in life really want to do is right? Oh better John, a little respected as like. And you know who was doing this trip? That cheap free. And his son The Bible says in night. They were doing it. That's right. It was in the top echelon of the religious society where this was occurring. And the same basic thing is true today. Because life has not changed. Because the devil hasn't changed. He is still around doing that very thing. I want to read just the more verses listen to this and that was no it says to all the Jews and Greek also dwelling in Ephesus. And fear, reverence, respect, all vowel on all them on them all. And the name of the Lord Jesus was watt magnified. Not name of the Lord Jesus was magnified in that day when the Word of God was on the moon, and men and women believed God, yet didn't mess around with the name of Jesus Christ. That's right. Yellen go around and say well, I cast you out in the name of Jesus Christ and Paul preaches the cause when you did the devil's first came up All over the people that they had to play off Nixon and great respect was there for the name of the Lord Jesus and clap. I want again in our lifetime, a great respect for the name of the Lord Jesus. How much respect to your see in the world, all that I ever see basically have been people using the name of the Lord Jesus invade. It's my dirt banner said the only thing she ever knew about Jesus Christ is there were two names, and there were both cuss words. I want them to know the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I want them to know the power that's in that name. Just let them pray. And that's why you've been here this weekend, because you've got the same burning passion in your soul for men and women around the world tonight. Listen to the word. And many that believe, came and confessed and showed their deed. Many of them also with us curious art, black art, white art, pendant, we G boards, you name it, wrote their books together and burned them before all men, and they counted the price of them and found it to be 50,000 pieces of silver, and many that many cave and confess their deeds. The believers didn't come to the priest to confess their sins, that confess their deeds was that they brought their book, they brought their reading material. They brought their hooky folks up. They brought their magazines that you buy by the barrel full and don't help you. They brought their newspapers, which are just as negative tonight as they were five years ago. And ladies and gentlemen, if you ever want the power of God to move in your life, you got to read the Word of God first, foremost at all like That's right. You can pick up a newspaper tomorrow morning and you haven't missed a thing. If you didn't read it today. I guarantee you the headlines will be as negative tomorrow morning as they are today.


And if you didn't pick one up the last six weeks, and are some of us here in this vast audience tonight. Who hasn't seen a television show for approximately nine weeks now. We haven't heard a radio newscast in nine weeks. We haven't read a magazine in nine weeks, but really the most up to date people in the world


Human Nature never changes and the word of God living forever when you know God's word, you already know what history is gonna be tomorrow. People cleaned up their lives. They change their living. They got off for their top trips, their dope trips or sex trip. They got off of their ego trip. They got off for their power trip, prestige trips ceremony trip. And they brought their book whatever it was curious art, they brought it and they tolerated the price. And ladies and gentlemen, it amounted to over 50,000 pieces of silver and you figure it out. I want to tell you for that day. That was a tremendous amount of money. And then comes that great verdict in God's word following up on this great trip, which says so mightily rue the word. So Mike delay grew the word and prevail. Globe how was that Ya know, there's a time in your life, the word begins to grow. Some of you are experiencing in the foundation of glass. Others of you may have experienced it before. But that word continues to grow is good. But it's not good enough. If you're what's the word around the world, it's got to get to the place in your life, that the word begins to prevail. It has first place second place, third place in every other place in your life. It's a word that has to prevail. Someone from the platform said tonight, that she had never really realized that what I said 1000 times in the classes and among the people that break through until she was in a country outside of the United States and began endeavoring to teach people that she realized that what we said, back at headquarters, or wherever we've taught God's word was true. You know, what she was saying? That it began to prevail in her life when she got this wave. Ladies and gentlemen, it's got to prevail in your life tonight. And it's got to be able to help you tonight. And you and I have to get to the place that we have the knowledge of God's word. That's right. The Word of God group. It's got to do that. But it's got to get to that place that is prevail in our lives. Where are you tonight in your spiritual outreach. Amen. Your walk like that y'all have the prevailing in manifesting. We're already seated in heavenly places with right. And if we walk like that, in sons of God, that's the prevailing the word has to prevail in your life, you have to tell it like it is, and you got to prove it, you got to walk on it. There must be side miracles and wonders under your hand or the words not prevailing.


And therefore, ladies and gentlemen, it is my prayer. And it is my fervent belief that the word of God can live again in our day and time in our lives to the end, that we not only can have the knowledge of the word, but that that word can prevail. This word will change people's lives. That words when it changes people's lives will change governments. And without the word of God there is no tag. It's just jumping from one tower to another. That's all and so in the tremendous clothes of the summer school the close of that summer school of 1971 which has been for many of you gathered here tonight. The greatest summer school you've ever had. For some of you it's been the greatest two weeks you've ever had for others of you it's been the greatest three weeks or four weeks if you were fortunate enough to be here nine weeks it was a miracle got to thank and father for the light coming back because I think maybe you're gonna need it because but it's beautiful. You know, that experience I could just read to you now from the word exactly how these things go you know and I've nobody believed God's rude you just still keep talking. If all the lights so go out, don't make any difference. You just feel God's word. And it's just a tremendous proof people. Just See the Word of God grow. This is the only ministry in the world that I know of that does nobody any hurt. We do nobody any harm. All we ever do for people and all we ever want to do is just help people. We knock ourselves out physically, time and time again, simply to help people. Because we know it's God's word, and we're hungry, to have people to have it. It doesn't bring anything to us materially, but it brings a tremendous inner satisfaction of seeing someone born again. I words just can't describe of what happened in my life or your life. When we lead someone into a great knowledge of God's Word. When they get born again of God Spirit, filled with the Spirit start manifesting, and their whole life becomes Jade. And they become those beautiful women that that beautiful lady tonight talk about. He wants to be such a beautiful woman, for the Lord, because she's looking forward to the day when Jill has a beautiful man of God to husband, that...that's just far out in our culture today. You know, what, what man born again of God's Spirit filled with a spirit to be the most beautiful man in the world.


Women BORN AGAIN of God's spirit that was packed with all these credit means the most beautiful women in the world.


And ladies and gentlemen, you're never going to be beautiful until that Jesus Christ leaves with it. And when that cracks lives within you, and you start looking at him, you become what you're looking at. The Scripture says, we behold Him and we become like we behold Him. We look at him and he's very full and then we become beautiful. The women of the way ministry walking on the word are the most beautiful creatures on the face of the earth today.


Word or the most handsome menu of every word and it's so effervescing so beautiful. It's got to be written all over our faces in our lives. God's God in it you.


So mightily grew the word and a lot less believe God's together to make that word prevail again, all over the world. Are you ready to go? God's been waiting for centuries for this night.