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SNT 0384 - 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

I Corinthians 12:1-11

January 25, 1969

In-depth study on the manifestations of the spirit.
SNT – 384

Topic: DRAFT, manifestions vs. gifts, 1 Corinthians 12, gifts, God, spirit, manifestation, tongues, dividing, diversities, spiritual matters, prophets, speaking, believers, energized, lord, operation
Format: audio
Publication Date: 01-26-1969

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

1Co 1:2; 12:1-3

1Co 12:3

1Co 12:4-6; (Rom 6:23); Act 2:38; Eph 4:11

1Co 12:6-11; (Gal 5:22 )

1Co 12:8-10; (Gal 5:22)

1Co 12:11; (Luk 15:12); 2Pe 1:20




snt-0384_1_corinthians_12_1-11(vpw) DRAFT

SUMMARY KEYWORDS: gifts, God, spirit, manifestation, tongues, dividing, diversities, spiritual matters, prophets, speaking, believers, energized, lord, operation

We'd like for you to take your Bibles tonight and turn to First Corinthians 12. One of the great chapters in God's word, as there are many. But it apparently is one of the most difficult chapters for most people. As it has been for many of us in the years past. But since I have just finished a class on power for abundant living this week, this past week, Friday night, and having again had the privilege of leading everybody into the receiving of the Holy Spirit into manifestation, not one person was missed. It can only be because of the great accuracy of God's Word and people believing that word, that these things are true.


I thank you, Dorothy and road, I better get you away from the piano in Oregon. I guess you're waiting on me, I assume. I'm all excited about this. This thing's been gelling in me since Friday night. And could hardly wait for you people to get here tonight. So I don't know how, what we're all going to be digging. But we're going to take chapter 12 Before you go home tonight, if I have to put the key in my pocket, you're going to understand first Corinthians 12. As well as I understand it, maybe you'll understand it better. But very few people have been able to handle chapter 1213 and 14 of Corinthians. Because they do not understand the whole background of God's word, how the word interprets itself, that it's up no private interpretation. They do not understand words like form made and created body, soul and spirit. And how before you can tap into the resources and manifest a more abundant life, you have to know what's available. You have to know how to receive it, you have to know what to do with it after you've gotten most of the people have taken chapter 13 and magnified it at the expense of chapter 12 and 14. It's either all God's Word or none of it's God's word. And to begin in this great chapter tonight, I know of no better place to start than to set the foundation accurately from the first chapter of Corinthians. In Corinthians, the first chapter we have a record in here that we need to with a great alacrity of mind set in ourselves and understand these, these chapters of 1213 and 14, as I said, have caused believers no small amount of confusion. And this has been due largely to the truth that we have failed to read those three chapters as a whole as a unit. And therefore, as I said most of magnified First Corinthians 13 at the expense of 12 and 14. But I want you to note in First Corinthians chapter one, and in verse two, that this epistle is addressed unto the church of God. It's addressed to that church of God. Those of us who are born again of God's Spirit coming out of both Jew and Gentile, are no longer do our Gentile, but we belong to the church of God, the church of God which is the body of Christ, unto the church of God, which is a core in them that are sanctified. sanctified means to be set apart. Those who are born again of God's Spirit, who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints. The saint is one, born again of God's Spirit, with all that in every place, call upon the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, both theirs and ours. And we are here again tonight at the way biblical research centers certainly fit into this pattern. Because we do call upon the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, and we belong to the church of God. We have been sanctified by the work of Christ Jesus, and He has made us saints because we believed in him. So the first thing you'll have to recognize is that the book of Corinthians is addressed to you. It has your name on it. Therefore the words that you find in it are not only to you, but must be interpreted of you, and they're not just for our learning. They are for us to walk in with all the greatness of the power of God. Now in First Corinthians chapter 12.


In verse one, we Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant, concerning spiritual gifts. First of all, the word spiritual, the word spiritual. Let's take these off Howard. If you take these lights off here in the front, and I think you can see is that better? Can you see that now with those I don't need those lights. The word spiritual is the word new market coats. It's the word new Monty code. And the word spiritual as pneumatic codes means spiritual matters, or things of the Spirit. You see, we'll be reading about all of these spiritual matters. And they're just not. They're just not gifts. They're not just gifts. Gifts are spiritual matters. See, all gifts are spiritual matters. But all spiritual matters are not gifts. A gift is a spiritual matters. But as we shall see, when we get into depth to this chapter, there are other truths in this chapter, other things that God has given to the believers, which are not gifts, yet they are spiritual matters. So the first thing you have to recognize in that verse is that concerning spiritual matters, or spiritual things, the word gifts is in italics, scratch it. This word gifts in that first verse has caused no amount of confusion. Because they have said that the mat there later on as we read about the manifestations, that the manifestations are gifts of the Spirit, they are not, they get this idea from the word gifts in the first verse. And the word gifts is in italics, in farming you even in the King James Version, that it was never in any critical Greek text that the translators added it. And if they added, I can take it out. As a matter of fact, if you leave it in there, nobody can handle it. Nobody can handle it. But if it takes the word gifts out, scratch it out, then it reads, now concerning spiritual matters, or things of the Spirit, brethren, I would not have you what? Ignorant, it's addressed to brethren, do you see it? You are my brothers, you are my sisters in Christ Jesus. We're all Christ, brethren. When we're born again, it's addressed to the church. Therefore we ought to sharpen up our mind, and our understanding that we can get into the full depth and the impact of the greatness of this wonderful word. There are only a few places in God's word Reese says he wouldn't have these people ignorant, this is one of them. And right here, we're just about as stupid as stupidity can get stupid. in these in these realms of the spiritual matters, both the gifts and the manifestations. Now concerning things of the Spirit plus or spiritual matters, brethren, I would not have you ignorant, I would not have you stupid. That means he wants us to smart know, he wants us to know the score. He wants us to know His will. And we can only KNOW HIS WILL from knowing God's word. Verse Two. Where you know that you were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as he were lift, a dumb idol is made of wood, or stone, or some other metal. A dumb idol is one that cannot speak. And these Gentiles before they were born, again, had been carried away unto these dumb idols. Even as you were led, they were serving dumb idols because their leaders taught them to do this very thing.


No person can go beyond where he has lived. I cannot go any further than I am led. You cannot go any further you are left. If we, as a group of believers have been led to serve dumb idols than we couldn't help ourselves, we still would be serving done Michaels. And here he would have us not to be ignorant concerning these breakthroughs that the reason when they were Gentiles, and this continued after they were born again, even among some of them, that they continue to serve dumb idols is because their leaders didn't know any better. You can't ever rise beyond what you are taught. You can't go any further than people Bolita impossible, verse three. Wherefore I give you to understand that no man, speaking by the Spirit of God, call as Jesus occurs. And no man can say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. What a tremendous truth what a tremendous real, I give you 20 Understand, the spiritual impact of this verse is almost unparalleled, in any other scripture addressed specifically to the believer regarding the gifts and the manifestations of the Spirit. And verse three, has never in our generation, or in our time that I know have been understood. As a matter of fact, I doubt if we have understood it since the first century, when God originally gave it to the apostle Paul, it was set forth, and the early church knew it. But with the systemization of the early church and the heading of different groups of churches by different men, the great truth here in verse three was last. Let's read it with a great understanding. let's unfold it and get through it. So we know what it really says, I give you to understand that no man, speaking by the Spirit of God, to speak by the Spirit of God, by the Spirit of God is speaking in tongues, it is to speak in tongues. This is what they have not recognized. What they have said, was that when you spoke by the Spirit of God, you said nice words. Well, I know people who say nice words, who are not born again of God's Spirit. And so from just a cursory reading of that verse, had we been sharp spiritually, we would have known that there must be much more to it than just what they have said, or what people apparently read on the surface or think, No Man's speaking by the Spirit of God, I am not now speaking to you, by the Spirit of God, I may be speaking the truth, relating to the Spirit of God, but I'm not speaking to you, by the Spirit of God, I am speaking to you by the renewed mind, by the knowledge that I have in my mind, of God's Word. Therefore, I am not speaking to you by the Spirit, I am speaking to you out of the knowledge of the background of the Word of God that I have hidden in my mind, and that I understand, so to speak, by the Spirit cannot be what I am doing. But if I were to speak to you in tongues, if I would give a message in tongues, then speaking in tongues, I'd be speaking by the Spirit of God. I give you to understand that no man became king, by the Spirit of God, call it Jesus are cursed. It's a tremendous thing, this verse, because some people have said that when they heard someone speaking in tongues, that somebody had said, they understood what they said, and they were cursing God. Now that's not true. Because the word of God says here that no man speaking by the Spirit of God, call it Jesus a curse. So you make up your mind, whether you're going by God's word, or whether you're going to go by what people say, you can't afford to trust your life, to those unbelieving people who are always contradicting God's word and denying the greatness of those people who say that are liars for the Word of God's ally. This is no problem in my mind who the liar is. No Man, No man speaking by the Spirit of God call it Jesus or curse. I want to tell you why it's in here.


Because when these people before they were born, again, of God's Spirit being Gentiles, they had their pagan gods. And whenever you wanted to pagan gods to do something, you talk to me. Like if you go into a pagan temple, among the Hindus, or any of the rest of them, before you go into the temple, your ring a bell at the entrance to like to God. And by the way, you're ringing when you go out to tell him you have left so you can go to sleep again again, but you're waking him up. And then you talk to him. And if he doesn't do what you want him to do, you finally get up when you jump up and down and you make a lot of noise. And if you get bad enough, even cursing blood, so I'll tell him look, you Oh, God, why'd you do and so and so that's exactly what he said. That that's what had happened. And now in the early church, these people were born again of God. spirits, and instead of cursing their dogs, they were speaking in tongues and they here couldn't understand it. Therefore, the critics on the outside said, Well, they're just cursing their guts. And God in the revelations as I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit, thinking about the Spirit of God, namely, speaking in tongues, can call Jesus the curse. And no man. No man can say that Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. Baking by the Spirit of God is speaking in tongues, that saying, Jesus is Lord by the Holy Ghost is also speaking in tongues. No man can say that Jesus is the Lord in his life. You can't say you've really made Jesus Lord in your life, until you hear yourself speak in a tongue. Now God knows whether you have confessed with your mouth, the Lord Jesus and believe God raised Him from the dead. God knows when you've made that confession. He knows when you're born again. But what about you? How about you? You don't really know because you can't feel spirit. You can't smell it. You can't taste it, you can't touch it. Then how do we know that we really have Christ in us? That we are really born again of God's Spirit. No man can say no man can say that Jesus is Lord. But by Dumas Togian. BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, powered by the Holy Spirit, by speaking in tongues, No Man's speaking by the Spirit of God called Jesus occurs. And no man can say that Jesus is Lord. Lord, were in your life. I cannot say he is Lord in my life, until I speak in tongues. When I speak in tongues. I have the proof in the census world. I've made him Lord, you know why? Because I have no word in my mind. I have no feeling within. Therefore, I have to absolutely just walk out with believing, knowing that when I move my lips, my throat, my tongue and make the sounds and make the words he has to have the words on my spirits, or I could not make them. It's like walking out on the water. You just got to walk out on it. And if you think God's depth and you're not born again. And if you're born again of God's Spirit, you can't sink because the moment you move your lips, your throat, your tongue, you'll be speaking the wonderful words to God, magnifying God is the book of accent. And that's the proof you made him Lord. Make Jesus Lord, you're just walk out with believing. You see the King James version here in the third chapter, as the article D and capitalizes the word holy. And the word the new mom, which is spirit, which they not they translated ghosts. And they capitalized it loud the article D is changing the entire text. If you're miss the article D, as is done in all the critical Greek texts and simply read it for NUMA hajian. It almost explains itself. No man can say that Jesus is Lord but by a NUMA huggy. Oh, by the gift


to give gift. Right here, it's the gift from the giver. It's the gift from the giver. Every place in the book of Acts, read the initial external evidence in connection with the receiving of the gifts is mentioned. It is always speaking in tongues.


And thus by sheer logic the same must apply in verse three of chapter 12. Resist is not the Holy Spirit who is God, but simply the new Mahajan which is the gift the believer is really the make him Lord. People. Most of us perhaps would gladly give on many other points. God this final step is real difficult. Or if we do make him Lord We have to change our thinking.


We have to change our action many times, because we're going to have to renew our mind. This is certainly difficult for some believers today. You see, many times the unbelieving believers have said to me, I said to you earlier that it is possible to curse God. This is not true. It is not possible to curse God by speaking in tongues. Curse God in English or German or any other language, but you can never curse him by speaking in tongues. See, the Amplified New Testament as a very wonderful translation in this particular point does in this verse three of the amplified New Testament, no one can really say, Jesus is Lord, except by way of the noble heart do, which is the gift of God in manifestation. So speaking by the Spirit of God is speaking in tongues, and thus saying, Jesus is Lord, but by the Holy Ghost is also speaking in tongues. First for now there are diversity. diversities of hips. But it's the same, but the same Spirit. diversities of gifts. Let's handle the word gifts. It is Kara's motto. That is mud. And the word cat is Mata means gifts of God's grace in a perpendicular relationship, from God, demand all the gifts. All the caddies motto are always from God to man. In a perpendicular relationship, they are brought forth from God down to man. They are literally God given ability. They are Kharisma gifts of God's grace, God's mercy, God's love. They're never anything that man earns. If you earn it, it's a wage, it's a salary. But if it's a gift of God's grace, of God's mercy of God's love, it's always unmerited on the part of men. This word in verse four is the word gifts. And that word, gifts simply mean that they are gifts of God's grace to mankind. This is what he is now talking about, are the gifts of God's grace class, spiritual matters or spiritual things. Definitely. Gifts of God's grace are always spiritual matters for spiritual things. Now, there are also other words that are used when it comes to gifts, that I would just like to set before you so that you can retain them in your mind that when we synthesize this whole chapter, you will have all of these truths. There is the word Daria. Daria is a is is translated in Latin benefic Diem. And the word is diet conium. These are gifts of God in action, man to man on an horizontal plane or level. And they are as benefits horizontally. They are ways of serving. These are ministers who are ministering servants. You see, a minister of the word is a ministering servant. For God on a horizontal plane. He is a Doria. He is a benefit Diem to God's people. I think of course you know that this word benefits em is translated benefits. Benefits from Latin. What comes from the Greek word is Daya conium. We'll see this here. For instance, in verse four. It isn't it isn't the word here yet, but we'll see it in a minute. There are diversities averse for diversity is the word diuresis. Look here it is. It is this particular word I have eaten, which is the act of dividing. There are diversities of charismata I should just tell you also that this word diuresis that's used here for diversities, a verse four is in the genitive case, which puts both the gift and the dividing. Both the gift and the dividing of those gifts are the effects of God's gracious work. It is God who doesn't understand putting it in the genitive case here is singularly significant inverse for now there are diversity. I have divided Oh, the cat is Mata God, demand thought it's the same spirit, that same God who gives it and there are differences, very spy, their differences of administration differences is the same word diabesity. There are acts of dividing up administrations administration and the word administration is Daya conium that I talked to you about a few minutes ago, ways of serving. See there are acts of dividing of the cat is Matata gifts. So that we have different ways of serving and apostle will serve a certain way, a prophet would serve a certain way, THON, but it's the same hope, the same Lord, the same Lord, who gives these charismata and who divides them according to his greatest work, now very sick and there are diversities of operations. The word diversities again is the idea of dividing up operation of operation. The the word operation is the word game of energy for which we get our steam report transliterated into energy. Energized is a good translation. And here there are diversities of operations, there are acts of dividing the energy which but it is the same God who are working. And the word workers again is the word energetic or meaning energized comes the same route. There are diversities of operations, there are ways of there are ways. There are acts of dividing which are energized. All of them are energized but it's the same God who works. Who energizes all the gifts, the charismata in all in which they're energized at a wonderful truth. You see, the effects are different. The effects produced are different, but it's the same God who energizes all the effects in all the places they're being energy, God device and God energy. The Ministry of a profit for instance, God, God divided and then God gives a man the energy he energizes that particular gift. These differences in here of the different gifts perhaps ought to just set before you tonight. The count is my gift to the unsaved God gives eternal life. Romans 623. Who's a believer, the believer, God gives the ability to operate nine manifestation of the Spirit. And in Acts two verse 38 We read then Peter set on them, Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins, and He shall put that in the absolute 10. And you shall Lombardo receive is to manifest Lombardo, the gift of a No Ma hug do, you shall on binary lambano The gift, though to the believers, he gives the God given ability to operate the nine manifestation of the Spirit and is a third place to the church. There's a church. He gives the five ministries and we'll look at evasions. Chapter Four, re puts them together. And he gave some verse 11, apostles, some prophets some evangelists and some pastors and teachers are the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry for the edifying the body of Christ.


These are the charismata the gifts of God's grace for the church, and to the individual belief. Now I think it is very easily and clearly understood. If you just keep an illustration, in your mind of the energy that comes from one battery in your automobile,


God does not give nine gifts to the Spirit, He gives one gift, which is the new Maha vos Holy Spirit. And it is that one gift that energizes all the spiritual abilities, to the end where you and I can manifest nine operations are manifestations of the Spirit. And if God should, so too, he can give us also a ministry in the body of an apostle of a prophet of evangelists, teacher, or pastor or a combination thereof. Because these are all the gifts that Ken is mopped up, that are available. And all of these are acts of dividing by God demands he energizes. And there are different ways of serving the body the church is that beautiful


tremendous thing when you get the understanding of is the battery of your car storage, electrical energy. And it's the electrical energy in that battery that produces the manifestations the operation, but you have to utilize the energy, you sound the horn, you spark the ignition for instance, or you'd like to headlamp or you motivate the blower fan. All these operations, however, are produced by the energy stored in the bedroom. And always someone will then ask, well, how come? Why does not eat spirit filled person? manifest the nine evidences of the Spirit if there's only one gift, and all the gifts and all the manifestations are wrapped up in that one gift? Don't be it's always a sort of a unusual question because why does the horn sound when you sit down the automobile? Why does the car start running lines of blowers kickin? What is the air conditioner turn on? Because I think the reasons obvious, you have to first press the horn, the energies in there. You could have for instance, not only all the energy in the battery, but all the potential in the engine. But unless you engage that engine, you might as well not have an engine in it. It will not do a thing until you put it into operation. Now in the seventh verse of this chapter we come to the word but here now in verse seven, we're going to change from gifts to something else. The first word but that that's in contrast, that which follows with that which precede


like four sets in correspondence with the word but sets, things in contrast, whenever you read the word, but that's the right place and the word it will always that that which follows, in contrast with that which precede. He has told us in verse one that he does not want us ignorant, concerning spiritual matters. And then of course, he begins with the greatest spiritual matters, namely, the cat, his motto, the gifts of God's grace, in a perpendicular relationship demand. Now, he's going to take us into spiritual matters on a horizontal plane, as we ministered to God's people. This is why that word, that first word but but be recognized, but the manifestation, the manifestation of the Spirit, is given to every man, the prophet with all the notice that it says that every man has the manifestation of the Spirit. Every man has the manifestation of the Spirit. We have shifted from gifts, the manifestation. And every man because he has the gift of a new Maha yo has the potential to manifest. Now there are nine manifestations of the Spirit. But the word manifestations is in the singular in verse seven. The reason it's in the singular in verse seven. The same reason that the word fruit in Galatians 522 is in the thinking, get in Galatians 522. Right says, the fruit of the Spirit is and it lists nine, fruit, love, joy, peace, long suffering. And so the reason for this is that they're just like, a cluster of grapes. There, there's one cluster, one cluster, but that cluster has nine individual grapes on it. Though the manifestation of the Spirit is given in the singular like the fruit of the Spirit. It's one plus one plus. It has nine evidences on next clusters. But really just one cluster, only one but nine evidences that's why it's in the season. It ties it up in one unit. The manifestation but the manifestation is given to every man, the walk with prophets with all the prophets with all every manifestation of the Spirit, His problem. Therefore, whenever I see someone manifesting something spiritually, anything that they call spirit, which they say is from God. The first thing I look for is the prophet. If it's from the true God, it will have to be beneficial. It can never lead it can never be from the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. If it is not to profit, if it is not for benefit to everybody, naturally, when you read the words to profit with all here in in verse seven, you ask yourself, how does one stop? How can I know? While the how of it is given in verses seven in verses eight through 910 There's your problem. Now that's read these and we'll have to go over them a number of different ways to be able to understand all the


verses four to one given by the Spirit, the Word of Wisdom when other the word of knowledge by the same To another faith by the thing to another the gifts of healing by the same first hand to another the working of miracles, when other prophecies to another discerning of spirits to another diverse kinds of fun to another's, the interpretation of


verses eight, nine and 10 are a biblical parentheses, vigorous speech, parentheses.


A parentheses is a gentleman, grammatical usage of language, which puts verses eight, nine and 10. In parentheses, in correspondence with verse seven, knowing the proper cause later on, when we get to verse 11, you'll see why they set just like a diamond in apprentices, because you could read verse seven, I'll show it to you now and then later on again, so you don't miss it. Verse seven, but the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit with all various 11 and all these manifestation workers are energized by that one in itself same. See how they work together verses seven and 11. So verses eight, nine and 10 are a parentheses. And they are set in correspondence with verse seven. To give us all that can be no regarding the specific information on the house, the property, the word to one, the second and third word in verses.


The word to one in verse eight is the Greek word olh. Which is the dative case, as used here, of the pronoun hos HOA. Being in the dative case, this word whole can be translated either to one or for one. And from the context. Here it should be translated for one for one, and as you all know from English, one is a relative pronoun. And its relative pronoun is used interchangeably, the one with the word that tha t. And a relative pronoun always refers to the nearest noun as its entity. There's another tremendous thing about the English here the words to profit. The prophets, they dramatically is an infinitive. And an in finitude is used in English as a verbal and a verbal is used as a noun. Therefore, if you use the nouns in place of the pronouns, the verse would read for that property. See an infinitive when it's used as a noun, as the, the, the verbal overtone of action. So that a real Bible translation would be, is given by the Spirit as the prophet or for two prophets. And three, verses eight, nine and 10 would be much plainer and more accurate. If they were translated as follows 34 A Word of Wisdom is given by the spirit for profit. Or a word of knowledge is given by the same spirit for and other prophets and other prophets. I'd like for you to circle the word and other reduce something because I'm going to give you a tremendous insight on these words in a few minutes when I get around to it. I better do it now and then you can come back to it maybe later and you'll have a greater understanding of the word and other that first verse there. Everything is the word out mode, a l l o f.


Then when it comes to faith to another faith in verse nine, by faith by the same spirit for another and the word another, there is a T T, E R O S. Of all the nine manifestations. There are only two that use the word Ethnologue. All the others use the word Allah, Allah, e ll O. The word Allah is translated, another and is accurately used as another, when more than two, when more than two may be involved. The word heads on us is used for another, when only two are involved. And of all the nine manifestations of the Spirit. Allah is used in every place except to, because there may be more than two involved in all the other manifestations with the exception of this, verse eight, given by the spirits word of wisdom faith, nine To another faith or believing by the same spirit, the word another is the word husband. And in verse 10 Hi kinds of tongues are given by the same spirit for another heparanase prophets all the manifestations of the Spirit, with the exception of speaking in tongues and the manifestation of believing or faith as it's called Injinji. All the other manifestations may benefit on a horizontal level and play many, many people. But those two, the manifestation of believing and the manifestation of tongues are only primarily for the individual. And the reason the word heteros is used instead of alos is because there are only two involved. And those two are God and knew God and you all the rest, maybe many others, God and you a lot of others. But on those two plus verse nine word To another faith. That's another there is the word Atos. And in verse 10, talking about dots to another diverse kinds of tongues, the word and other inverse tan is also the word Hepatol. And this is why it's only God and you believe the manifestation of believing is worth you want to ever receive revelation, you believe God to bring to pass it your command what God has shown you, it's entirely between you and God. Speaking in tongues is entirely between you and God, God has to give it or you haven't gotten.


That's why the usage of those are just now we'll pick it up again. verses eight and 10 verses eight nine and 10 are not a listing are not a list of the manifestations of the Spirit in their systematic and logical.


The manifestation of tongues and the manifestation of faces I told you are a profit only to the one receiving from God is no other person now profit from the usage of believing and turn. Therefore it's used in a singular in the sense of just two. Now eight to 10 As I said are not a listing of the nine manifestations of the spirits Miss called gifts of the Spirit. The Bible calls the manifestation in their proper order in sequence. But they are specific evidences operations are working, energized by that one gift which produce the fruit of the Spirit manifestations of the Spirit of First Corinthians 12 produce the fruit of the spirit of Galatians 522. You know, I would just tell you the order in which they by their very nature, the manifestations during eight, nine, and 10 Fall into order. The manifestations of the Spirit, by their very nature, fall into the order that follows. Under group one, you have speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues and prophecy, under group to have a way to knowledge, word of wisdom, and the discerning of spirits and undergrowth traits. Under group three, here you have faith, which is believing and healing and miracles, by their very nature of operation and usage, this is the pattern that they fall into. And hearing Corinthians Of course, God never intended them to be set in that order, led to done just. Now, you go back here and read it again. verses four to one, is given by the Spirit, the Word of Wisdom, to another, the word of knowledge, by the same spirit to another, believing are faced by the same spirit, to another, the gift of healing by the same group. Now, I want to explain gifts of healing to you here. Every time a person is healed, it's a gift. When you are healed, of the same disease, why it's gifts.


If you are healed of two different diseases, it becomes not gifts of healing. But it becomes gifts of healings for two different disease. This gift of healings is used later on in the chapter but here, the manifestation it just gives this particular time, the gift of healing because the gift of healing, open to God's people as a manifestation of the Spirit produced healing in the plural. That's why the word gift is used here in the manifestation.


Now in verse 11. The first word again is bought. And as I told you a while ago, you read on from seven to 11, you'd have the context. Now we go back and pick up verse 11.


The light of the prophets say, well, what's the profit? Well, that's the profits and they produce profit. The manifestations of the spirits produce the fruit of the Spirit. Without the manifestation, you have no proof. Reasons in Word of Knowledge, what's the Prophet, God tells me to score where the wisdom he tells me how to carry it out the problem and it'll flow with the word, it will bless God's people on a horizontal plane. This way, blessing them as a servant, ministering these manifestations to God's be verse 11, but all these workers, all of them are energized by that one. And now same Spirit, by the one and self same spirit. unique triple reflected here do you see the word self? The word one the word self.


And the word St. One self same, triple reflecting. Dividing is again the word distributing. And the same word basically I guess is the word die out he says the only other places particular word is used in Luke 1512 Was that fellow wanted his money or property or something want his father to divide it to him? Properly or something? The only other place Luke 1512 or two but all these workers that one, and the self same spirit, your body to every man severally as he will. This word, dividing to every man's February. You see, they have said that these manifestations are gifts of the Spirit. They're not their manifestation, gifts, the gift of manifestation is an evidence of the gift of proof is an evidence of the manifestation. So you see, they all tie together. But they have said that this verse says that divides to every man severally as God will, most of the newer translations that are coming out. But this word he pronoun, he was a capital eight. This cannot be true. Even from just a cursory reading of this section, God has already given us His will, His words, the ways of dividing, how he divides, how he energizes. And he has just told us all of these truths before he can turn around and say, dividing to every man severally, as God will, he's already told us as we'll see, those people who teach the line gift theory, they never take into account the latter part of the very dividing to every man severally. Those who teach the one gift theory just take the first three words of verse eight. And that's it. Four to one is given by the Spirit to another, though as well, if for Jalon is given only one thing, then how do they explain dividing to every man


severally? Just been a great bunch of mess. right amount of confusion? Well, it's real simple. The word separately, the word videos, I mean, for me, one of the meanings, one of the greatest verses scripture using the same word, used in every foundational class in Second Peter chapter one verse 20.


Knowing this first that no prophecy of the scripture is of any watts, private, private. And the word private is the word videos. One interpretation of the Game Boys ever got severally out them, you ask them when you see. You see, if you would take the latter part of this verse in. By the way, that that word idios, you know, is used, I think 114 times in the Bible. This is the only place where it's translated similarly, every other place is private or his own or one zone. Like the word said, Jesus Christ, or about God, he came onto his watch his own in the right videos, and his own videos received enough.


At some time, I'm going to be old enough to write an article on the usage of words and how man man always takes high words and degrades. Then he takes degraded words and elevates and just works the opposite. God this word idios is a great big wonderful word, one's own. Your own that which is particularly yours. And our English group today do we use for this video. It brought The Great Race video where it's really your own god given to you it's your own, and they bring it down to the level of an idiot. The idiot seducing that but it's always true in language words that the Holy Spirit uses man takes out of context and always degrade. That's how they take this word ad on today to get the you get from it. Of course the word idiom, which means that whatever you is me. But it's not nice, I guess. All of these workers energized by that one and self same spirit God, dividing to every man videos, his own dividing to every man his own, as he demand was real, that's wonderful


it to every man his own as the man will. Now as far as having the gift, when you're born again, you've got it and that gift has wrapped up in it, potentially, the nine manifestations. Therefore, if you're properly taught, you can operate all nine manifestations. But even after you operate them, suppose that you do not will to speak in tongues like tonight at a believers meeting and interpret will you divide into every man as the man will. He is a pronoun, a pronoun is controlled by its closest related noun a verse 11. And the related noun is the word man, not God. All of these work at that one itself things through the body to every man as he, the man will, if the man does not will, by the freedom of his will, to speak in tongues, you can't make him do it. If he does not will to interpret, he will not do it. He divides to every man as the man will was entirely up to people as to how far they want to go, and what they want to do with it. Well, I think that's all I'll do tonight. I'm tired. Not any questions you want to ask about the first 11 verses of this chapter. Maybe you're as tired of me teaching as I am. Oh, but the thing burns my heart. It takes me another hour and a half to do the rest of it. By that time you all go potty. So


but I really handled, really handled the most difficult verses of the chapter with the exception of the last four verses of the chapter. Those are the only other difficult verses and you'll just have to wait to some other time or study amount from the Holy Spirit books. They're all in there.