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SNT 0254 2 Corinthians 2:14 – 3:18

II Corinthians 2:14 – 3:18   June 16, 1968

Shows that our sufficiency is of God. Also discusses our enablements to do the work of God has set before us if we keep our minds on Christ.
SNT – 254

Topic: draft, God, Christ, spirit, sufficiency, glory, written, believer, greatness, believing, fragrance, ministers, lord, church, Christ Jesus, living
Format: audio
Publication Date: 06-16-1968

Victor Paul Wierwille was a Bible scholar and teacher for over four decades.

By means of Dr. Wierwille's dynamic teaching of the accuracy and integrity of God's Word, foundational class and advanced class graduates of Power for Abundant Living have learned that the one great requirement for every student of the Bible is to rightly divide the Word of Truth. Thus, his presentation of the Word of God was designed for students who desire the in-depth-accuracy of God’s Word.

In his many years of research, Dr. Wierwille studied with such men as Karl Barth, E. Stanley Jones, Glenn Clark, Bishop K.C. Pillai, and George M. Lamsa. His formal training included Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from Mission House (Lakeland) College and Seminary. He studied at the University of Chicago and at Princeton Theological Seminary from which he received a Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. Later he completed his work for the Doctor of Theology degree.

Dr. Wierwille taught the first class on Power for Abundant Living in 1953.

Books by Dr. Wierwille include: Are the Dead Alive Now? published in 1971; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today published in 1972; five volumes of Studies in Abundant Living— The Bible Tells Me So (1971), The New, Dynamic Church (1971), The Word's Way (1971), God's Magnified Word (1977), Order My Steps in Thy Word (1985); Jesus Christ Is Not God (1975); Jesus Christ Our Passover (1980); and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed (1982).

Dr. Wierwille researched God's Word, taught, wrote, and traveled worldwide, holding forth the accuracy of God's "wonderful, matchless" Word.

2Co 2:14-17; 3:1

2Co 3:2-5; Eph 1:3, 6, 8

Eph 1:9, 18; 2:6, 10, 14, 19, 20; Col 1:12; 2:10; 2Co 3:5, 6; Act 8:10

2Co 3:6-9, 17, 18; Gal 5:1; (Eph 6:14)




SUMMARY KEYWORDS: God, Christ, spirit, sufficiency, glory, written, believer, greatness, believing, fragrance, ministers, lord, church, Christ Jesus, living

Second Corinthians chapter two verse 14, we begin tonight. And remember that the book of Corinthians, was written to correct the practical error that had crept into the church because of the neglect or the failure of adhering to the greatness of the Revelation which is which is set forth in the book of Romans.


And here in the second chapter, you should read the whole first part of it some time.


But after he tells about what he was doing, he says in verse 14, now thanks be unto whom, God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ, and make manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place. First of all, the word thanks is the word curious.


Reverend Wade was telling you about the Charismatic Renewal Center at the University of Dayton that he and and John attended on the Holy Spirit field recently. This word thanks is the same word, cut his MA. It, thanks be to God. Cut his mop is because of the grace we have in our hearts, knowing what Christ has done for us, therefore we're thankful to Him. It is this grace and the love of God shed abroad in our hearts, which we in turn then make no non to him by our Thanksgiving. That's why the word thanks is used in your Bible. It's the word charisma. But it's the word thanks that they've translated in English, not wonderful. times beyond the god, dang speed or God, who are always who are always the word always means what always causes us to try them always. Where in the world can you read and the word of God which is addressed to the church, that the believers are ever to be emaciated, frustrated, full of fear and worry and anxiety, it cannot be read, it's just the opposite.


He always causes us to try them. A literal translation of those words read always leads us in triumph. He always leads us. You know, the early church run around ministering in the name of Jesus Christ, we minister in the name of Jesus Christ. He always leads us; Christ is out there doing the work, understand. Thanks, Peter, God, who always leads us in triumph and make it manifest. These words make manifest are real significant and speak rather loudly to a person who has ears to hear, which of course are wait people are supposed to have. It is the word, the nail from which we get the literal transliteration of the English word phenomenon, or phenomena in the plural. It makes us shine. He makes us manifest. Understand, it's a wonderful Thanks, Peter, God who always causes us to try them in Christ


and make it manifest the Sabre or the fragrance the odor of his knowledge by us in every place, isn't that wonderful?


I translated this literally this afternoon, so that I might be able to share it with you tonight from the critical Greek texts and that just makes such wonderful sense. Listen to this. Now thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumph, to make known by us the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere. That wonderful. He leads us in trying to always make known Joe always make known by us the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere. How are they going to hear about God? Unless you and I I tell them how are they going to hear unless you take a stand, and you speak it forth. Now you and I cannot speak it unless we first know it. You cannot give anything you do not have. Remember Peter and John at the temple gate beautiful enacts. Peter said to the man who was over 40 years old, who had been born this way, when he was healed. He said to him, Silver and gold have Iraq, none but such as I have I give. You can't give anything if you haven't got it. But if you know that it's Christ in you the hope or glow, if you know what you have in Christ, and that it is he who always leads us in triumph, then you've got something you can share with people. Very spirit gainsay says, For we are unto God, a sweet fragrance, a sweet odor in Christ in them that are saved. And in those that do that perish. You see, when we walk with the effervescence, and the glow of the presence of Christ and His word within us, we smell good. Maybe it's like, boy, we have a fragrance that will just shine among the believers. And this fragrance is so tremendous, that it even shines among those who perish, or breath god, that's the best thing those are people are ever going to have is that love of Christ, the Word of God you have in your heart that you share with them. That's the greatest fragrance they're ever going to have. Even if they're going to perish. God, you're just trying to be so good to them with the greatness of God's word, that it'll bless them. Even though they're gone the wrong place. We hate to see him go. But that'll be a good blessing to have on the way anyway, bless your heart. Well, not a wonderful verse. From God's right. To the one verse 16. We are the smell of death, the order of death, the saver of death, on to death, and to the other we are that savor the fragrance of life under light. Now, who is sufficient for these things? Unless you see this is naturally the question. When you read the greatness of God's word like this, that God has limited himself to the individual believer can make known the fragrance of God's knowledge by us everywhere. The senses man, the logical person, the reasonable man or woman will always say to himself, uh, who am I? Who am I that I could do this. And so most of the people never get around to the reality of facing up to it, that this is what God's called us to. That it is our job. That we can not get the word of God understood and to people until you and I speak it until you and I administer it until we carry it who is sufficient?


Well, you know, the tremendous truth here in this chapter. I think I'll show you a little later on who is sufficient.


But let me read the next verse. It says in verse 17. We are not as many who corrupt the Word of God.


But as of sincerity, sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in home. Amen. And Christ's word today is as relevant as it was at the time when he spoke it. The rated God on the lips of believing men and women, produces the same signs, miracles and wonders today that those words produced the first time they were spoken. And I say or they talk about mixing the wind with water. I mean water with the line to dilute it, so it isn't quite as strong when they sell it. You know, you got a quarter Ryan That oughta sell for a quart. But instead you add 1/3 water now you got a quart, whatever 1/3 is a pint. Now I couldn't quite be few more than that. This is the word where they were supposed to sell it for major, but instead of this they diluted it. This is that word it's used in Isaiah two, I think it's only used three or four times in the Bible. This is one of the four we are not as many who dilute who adulterate the Word of God. And all over our nation today, this verse is still true. People are endeavouring to water it down, to make it palatable to the unbelief of the environment in which they are engaged or associated or where they live. So we water it down to meet the need of the believing other people.


That's not honest. Why don't we hold the greatness of God's Word up here and let the people rise up to receive the greatness of God's word, without watering it down, then they'll get the deliverance, the word promises, you never get a thing from God by bringing the word God's Word of God down to your level. You get it from God by bringing yourself up to the level of the indications which are stipulated in God's word. That's all. And you know that sincerity is no guarantee for truth. The devil is just as sincere as you are. I keep telling my people in the classes, the fella who sells you a toothbrush with one bristle and it's real sincere. That's right. He couldn't market. I think sincerity is wonderful. But if there's any one person I watch, that's the sincere person, you know, the religious, sincere, those fellows that come and always talk to me about, well, boy, I stayed up all last night and prayed. And then they say, Well, how many hours a day do you pray? All this kind of stuff. And they always want to impress me how sincere they are, how they never do a wrong thing. You know, they don't chew gum, they don't read evening paper. They all these modern things, you know, they don't do? Well, wonderful, you know, if you've been hooked as often as I have, you get sort of sort of quite observing of the little hooks they put out to try to catch. And just because they dangle a little worm in front of you, you don't go out and nibble on that thing. Zen sack is wonderful. I think the Lord Jesus Christ was just as sincere as any man that's ever lived. But sincerity is no guarantee for truth. Truth is truth, no matter where you find it, or who gives it. If it's true, it's true. Has nothing to do with sincerity or lack of it or anything else. It's truth because it's truth, ladies and gentlemen. And truth does not change gets the same yesterday, today and forever. Right. We don't adulterate the Word of God, but as sincerity, but as of God in the sight of God, speak we in Christ. Do we begin again to commend ourselves who is sufficient for these things? Do we commend ourselves do we burn ourselves up? Do we say we are the big ones? No. Or need we are some others. epistles recommendations. hidoe letter of recommendation. Verse two says, You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all man manifestly manifested, its manifested for it. To be the Epistle of Christ, I deleted the words for as much as gr guards are in italics. This particular place I shouldn't want to use them because the word manifestly declared in the text is manifested. shown to be the epistles, the letters of commendation of Christ, ministered by us, the word ministered. There's that word diakonia, from which we get the word serve. It's one who serves God on an horizontal plane to his fellow man. That's what this word is declared to be the epistles of Christ, serving the word written not with ink. But written with a spirit of the living God. Isn't that wonderful? I saw it again tonight. So did you, men and women's speaking in tongues and interpreting words of prophecy. These are manifestations. This is the manifested part, that the writer God has been ministered to you out you couldn't do it. And that these are written not on tables of stone, but a lot better place. By the Spirit of the Living God, not on tables of stone, but in the freshly tables of the heart.


right within your life. And that fleshly table of the heart here, that seat of the heart here is the renewed mind. Don't have a cap on that. But think about it, I'll use the verse again wouldn't hurt us to hear it again, I suppose the renewed mind camp. But this is one of the great verses on the renewed mind. The 10 commandments that Moses received were written on stone tables of stone right? The people of God as they believe those and walked on it, they worked with deliverance. Moses led that bunch of nincompoops try for about 30 years, didn't they? I don't know if I could have stood on that long tried. Way to God said you know that when the pillar club moved, they were to move or when they the pillar of fire move. They were to move when it stood still they were to stand still. If you'll ever check the route they kept they took from Egypt to Palestine, they must have stood still most of the time. 40 years. Right. There were a skip neck bunch, right? The first bunch of tables he brought down his his good wonderful brother was an AD AD built himself a beauty. Golden Calf, and they were down there worshipping us. Man, can you imagine you having your own brother doing this the one whom you trusted. So Moses, Moses, I guess just got so discouraged. He threw him down. And the Lord said, You better come up and get a second set a prayer the data to do you not have to worry that God says about that group of people that for 20 years, they walked in the wilderness. There was not one feeble need among the entire two and a half million people.


And they did not have crest. They didn't have Carter's little liver pills. They didn't have the sulfa drugs. Hey, I wanna hug God got along so well for 20 years without all of that stuff.


If this which we have today is less than that. There's something wrong with the word or the way that God tells us that this which you and I have is bigger than what they had for theirs was only written on tables of stone. God has by His mercy and His grace written this upon the heart of the man and a woman pouring again a God Spirit who is filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. God has not changed. But you and I have been talked out of believing so that when people rise up to believe they stick out like a sore thumb in their church or in their community. That's why you just dare not rise up. Nobody wants to be a sore thumb. Most part right? So we just stay acclimatized in the environment in which we are engrossed. Only we allow ourselves just to rise a little, you know, can't go too far because then we might get too much criticism If those men at that time with just the law written on tables or stone could do what they did, how much more there is available to the believer today, we're living so far below path. And only because our believing is below par. And this is primarily due to the fact that we have been raised in a society in an environment in a church age, in a time, where Christianity is just the last escape, rather than Christianity to be a vital, dynamic source of our immediate living right now. Well, I love you, boy, look at that. didn't write it in tables of stone, he wrote it in something better in every believer. He wrote it right within you. Christ is in you. Now, as you put on the mind at Christ comes into concretion. And such trust, have we, through Christ, we've got the trust in Christ to God. Not various, five, not various five, remember very 16 it says who is sufficient for a lot. These things now, verse five, not that our sufficiency not that we are sufficient of ourselves, to think anything as of ourselves, but it is our sufficiency is up boom. Praise though. If God has given us His sufficiency, then are we sufficient? You said, If God has made us, then we are what God made us to be. For we have what God wrought in Christ. And every believer is what Christ is to him. The church needs to hear again, what they are in Christ, what they have in Christ. Instead of going around peddling empty peanut shells, of telling our people, they don't amount to anything, you can't get an answer to prayer. And if you want to ever receive the Holy Spirit, you got to pray through. You can pray through what I don't know. People talk to me about praying through I don't know what they're talking about. I think that means you allow yourself 25 or 30 years so you look religious at it or something. I don't know. You know why we have to pray salaam because we believe so little. It's when our believing in the greatness of God's word moves, that we get answers. It doesn't say, be it onto your according to your own eyes, prayer meetings. Now does it it says be it unto you according to your luck, your believing your faith. If it takes an all night prayer meeting to get your believing up, I'm in favor of the all night prayer meeting. And I'd rather spend my time researching the word and get into depth of the word to get the answer so that when we do pray, we can tap in now.


Can you imagine staying up all night trying to find the electric light switch in the bedroom or in the kitchen someplace? No reason you can find that light switch and know where it is. And you're believing that it's hooked up. All you need to do is throw up the lights on whatever tapped in the gods like this in His Word. We don't have to spend all night looking for the switch. We just throw up the lights on. It says our sufficiency is of God. Can you imagine God ever shortchanging you leaving you insufficient? Do you recall a scripture that says we are more than Congress? Where is it? Donna Romans right? More than conference true Christ Jesus. I better show you a few. All I'd have to do is read you the book of Ephesians man had just turned me on because that's great. It's my Look at Ephesians nine We'll start in the first chapter. Verse three. Remember now we're after this question, who is sufficient for these things who has sufficient? Well, our sufficiency is our word, God. So we go to the word to find out how much sufficiency we have. Understand, learned verse three. I'm in chapter one of Ephesians. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who had, who had past tense blessed us past tense, He has blessed us with spiritual blessings in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus. Well, isn't that wonderful? If he has blessed us then are we blessed? Ah, amen. If you don't feel like it, are you blessed? Again, I think you're doing what you're feeling has everything to do with what God wrought in Christ Jesus. Man, if you had the least per feelings, some of us just might never get the right one. Then we'd be losers, right? Then we wouldn't have the sufficiency the word talks about which makes us more than conquerors. We've been blessed with every spiritual blessing. So now tonight, you're going home after the serve this you know, and you're going to spend an hour praying and asking God to bless you with this spiritual blessing and with that spiritual blessing. Now if you do I just didn't teach you very well tonight. You've been already what? Blessed? So right here. Do you go to the Lord to find out what's wrapped up in that spiritual blessing paper or something? Why did not package you go to the word find out exactly what's in it? Because why am I in that package belongs to you because you belong here. Glory Allah which one it says what a very six. To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein he has past tense made us accepted in the Beloved. Well praise the Lord. literal text reads, we're in He has made us lovely, unacceptable. He has made us lovely. He will be made our subway then we are a lot lovely. The neighbor says you're not so lovely nuts to the neighbor. The word says I have God said I am and I vote with God. How about you? Can't wait on the neighbors. You see why he made us lovely. We are a sweet fragrance, when we carry the knowledge of His Word. For it is his loveliness in us. manifested in that sense us rail. Look at verse eight. wherein he had to bow to toward us in all wisdom and prudence prudence good sense. What the word is proves he is a bounded Toria he didn't give it sporadically Bishop just with a little dribble here and a little dribble where he had founded to us. He are bounded to us in all his work was done and with his good chance. Now sometimes VP railroad may not have very good sense. But when VP were really tapped in, and the greatness out, wordless with him, I've got the good sense of God next good sense. And that word of God is the wisdom of God. And that's great wisdom.


You see where our sufficiency comes from? Look at verse nine. Having made known unto us, the mystery of his walk, will well if he made known the mystery of his world, and do we know why shark he made it? No, we know it. So we go to the oil and find out what it says we have, then we begin to practice it, put it into concretion utilize it in our day by day living. Look at verse 18. That the eyes of your understanding being watched and like that you may know that you may know not question not doubt not be uncertain, but that you may know what is the hope of his calling. And that you may know what the riches the riches of the glory of His inheritance says in the same man oh man oh man. How poverty stricken you think God created the heavens, the earth set the stars in their courses. We put up one of these little things up in outer space and we think we've really done something or we're pikers As compared to what God wrought, when he created the heavens and the earth put the stars in their courses that galaxies like the Milky Way, they haven't even decided yet how many millions of stars are in that thing. We got a great big wonderful God. That you may know. Most people never get around to the assurance that they know that they know that they know that they know that they know that they know. They're always questioning. They're always doubting they're never quite sure why alarm is you're not quite sure you cannot have believing for that, which you're not quite sure for. So we're constantly living below par. We need not for the reg says, He has done all this for so he's done it. The trouble is I haven't done it to myself up here. I haven't renewed my mind I haven't put on the mind of Christ, I have not allowed his word to have preeminence in my mind. In my day by day living and walk can only be due to two things. Number one, either I haven't been taught or number two, I refuse to accept what I'm taught. Look at chapter two. Why isn't this just loaded? Sure is. Verse six. And has raised us up together that is with Christ, and made us sit together in heavenly places and home, Christ Jesus. Man Here are down on Earth. It's in the Word of God sharing God's wonderful word for and as far as God's already concerned, we're already seated in the heavenlies where the why this is a gory trip. It's a gory road. Because Wow, right here ministering God's word, being the sweet, fragrant summit to God's people were already seated in the heavenlies. Where the like, was it Peter or someone who said, We ought to be changing our terminology. People always say, well, we ought to look up to heaven. He said, We ought to say we're looking down because we're already seated up there. Take a look at ourselves from a higher sphere. See, see whether we're anemic or whether we have been through lessons and living in a really Bhojan? Well learn verse 10 of chapter two, far we are hearing God's workmanship, we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus under good works, for God's workmanship them for his workmanship, I have sufficiency has not allowed ourselves but it is our home. God. Right, sure, like a very sport game. For He, God is our peace. God is our peace. What if God is in me, then do I have the peace of God? Definitely, for God is our peace. That's why I'm not all shocked, nervous or excited or frustrated, because God is our peace, and God is in Christ, and Christ is in us in you the hope of glory.


Third, verse 19. Now, therefore, ye Are no more strangers and foreigners. But you are fellow citizens, with a change, and you are of the household, that family of home, a better Rhonda photo belong to the family of God. I'm Victor Paul River, I belong to the family of the willwill clan. That's wonderful. But how much more wonderful it is to belong to the family of God. This is why the scripture says we're supposed to be especially good to the household of faith. doesn't say anything about being too good to the goats. But it says the household of faith, you got to be good to why because if you're born again of God's Spirit, same god you're born up. But if you heard the same thing I've got that I've got to be good to you. And you've got to be good to me. Why? Because we are the household of us. And the household, our faith or a giant hands. Instead of fighting against each other, they ought to fight against the devil. That's what they ought to be doing. The forces of evil, the believers are to unite and fight the forces of evil instead of each other. Oh, there's one sure thing you can't walk in my shoes and I can't walk in yours. But we can have the same Christ whose workmanship we are and we're going to head that same way and be in the same heaven in the same gathering together because about God rock in Christ Jesus in the belief. Hi, oh boy, you talk about his word. The greatness of it. Not wonder This makes somebody out of anybody who's born again of God's Spirit.


My look what it says about verse 20. Wrote the household of God, and we are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Jesus Christ Himself, the cornerstone, the chief coroner.


BP willows, not the chief coroner. No. The written word is not the chief corner. It's in the person of Jesus Christ, God's only begotten son who is the cornerstone. He is the chief cornerstone. And we are born again of God's Spirit are built upon the foundation of the apostles, that is apostolic succession. Because the other one they followed is Peter and Oh, Peters have petered out. As far as apostolic succession is concerned, this is it. It's the greatness of His Word that puts us in the apostolic succession of believing nothing to do in one earthly family you were born, or what type of politics you played, or anything like this in the religious circles, has everything to do with what God wrapped in Jesus Christ. I think I show you Colossians, please. sesiones Philippians Colossians. How much time do I have golf in a half a minute off the broadcast? One minute and a half? Well, listen, you people in the broadcast. Let me let me read to you one verse or So yep, from Voloshin. Sorry, you're not here in the auditorium to hear this one. We really wind it up tonight on the greatness of His Word. Colossians chapter one, verse 12. Listen to this. Giving thanks, Anila father, which have made us meet the right meters to write adequate, who has made us adequate, he has made us adequate. While they were adequate, they were adequate. When people say that they're born again of God's Spirit, and they proclaim their inadequacy. There's something wrong with their proclamation, the word of God proclaims that we are able, we are adequate, because he made us adequate. And in Colossians, chapter two, verse 10, it says, listen to this, and ye are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power? not wonderful. You are complete. And you people listening to the broadcast. Remember these words tonight. And I'm sorry, we have to leave the air at that time to go back to Corinthians. but our sufficiency on back in verse five, our sufficiency is about God, I've only shown you about 10 or 12, verses from Ephesians Colossians that show what we have in our foundation or class, starting next Sunday night. And if you've never taken a foundation or class, you ought to come and take it. You need it. Because it will help you to see what you have in Christ and what Christ is in you. There must be 200 verses of scripture that if I get to them, I'll read to you from the Word of God and have you to read them so that you understand them as to what you are in Christ Jesus and what He has made you to be in him. And ladies and gentlemen, you can't ever believe Bigger than what you know. So the greatest thing that we can do for ourselves today, if we can find someone or someplace where we can really learn it. To take the time to go. Somebody will say well, I couldn't take three weeks off. Boy, aren't you a liar? Why don't you get honest and just say I don't let it come down. I love you. But when you tell me you can't take three weeks to come to a class on the Word of God. That just is lying like a trooper. And God just doesn't approve of us lying all the time anyways, does he base you know, he doesn't approve of lying. You know how I know you could take three weeks off because I knew you could take it off if you've gotten an automobile accident and broke your back knocked your brain cells in, gotten away now. That's why when a man says he can't do it, that just isn't true. Because you can always do what you want to do yet in America today under an emergency, you could do whatever you want to do. But it might mean that you have to give up 100 or 200 a week. Well, so watch you got all the creditors right now an extra three weeks wouldn't hurt him. As a matter of fact, the keys will teach you the class we'll get rid of the creditors a lot quicker with the jacket.


You see, that's why we need to get together to work the word. It's not VP we're well that's important. It's the word that's taught here. And my sufficiency like yours is not of myself and his his sufficiency. Remember in Acts aid, I taught it last night in the opening section of the camp just to show them that when you're born again of God's Spirit having Christ in you it's not enough. The Word of God says you have to learn by know it. To deco my is one thing to Lombardo is another. And I showed them last night read it to him for Max eight. What's his name? The hooky food guard is sinex eight, Simon, all Simon the sourcer that people set up him He is the great power of God, and I'm quoting X eight. He is the great power our God. Simon was the great part. That's not what the Lord says. The Word says that we and our cells are as nothing but he makes us to beat something for hours sufficiency is in a lot of efforts. That's why first six says and I want you to read it and write it with an indelible ink on the real depth of your mind. Our sufficiency of God, who also have also also have made us able ministers. He has made us able ministers. Not only did he make the apostles, prophets and so forth, able ministers. But every believer believer is to be an able, Minister. Every believer is to so know the Word of God that he can lead someone else into the greatness of that revelation. He has made us able now, how did he make us able by giving us and maybe bromance, that's this word here who has made us able by giving us enablement. And these enablement that he gives to the believer are the nine manifestations of the Spirit, speaking in tongues interpretation of prophecy, word of knowledge or wisdom, sorry, spirit, space, Mercy. These are the enablement that make us able ministers of God's Word in our time in our day. Without those manifestations and operation, it's hit and miss mostly miss. But with those manifestations in operation, we are able ministers not on the letter. Not up the ladder. Not the law. But we are able ministers of the spirit, April, ministers of the Spirit. For the letter, the law does nothing but kill people. But Spirit does spirit get our heart. Ladies and gentlemen, some of us want life. We want it with all of its folders with all of its glory with all of its effervescence. With all of its thrill and living. All of its dynamic for a positive, fruitful, great life. Wonderful. And it is this spirit that give life. Look at verse seven. But if the administration or the administration of death, that's what he calls the law of business, if the administration of death was written and engraved in stone, but that was glorious, and was so glorious that the children of Israel could not steadfastly behold that face or Moses for the glory of His countenance, which glory was to be done away when Moses brought those 10 commandments down there. were written on tables of stone, the greatness of the glory of God in that lab, which is called the administration of death. There was so magnificent, so wonderful that as he brought those stones, the reflection of those stones came on his face that people couldn't look on his face, he had to put a bale over it. Ladies and gentlemen, how much more you and I have in Christ Jesus. That's what it says in verse eight. How shall not the administration of the spirit be more glorious?


The administration of the Spirit, which began on the day of Pentecost is the church to a q&a below the church of grace, born again of God's Spirit, how much more glorious this administration must be. Or, if the administration or administration of condemnation, firstly call it death. Now recall that condemnation. And ladies and gentlemen, the law was not able to give life. If the law could have given life, the person of Jesus Christ would not need a depth come right. The Lord can't give life. The reason the law was given is for the unbeliever, the Bible says, and it was a mass condemnation. And every time today, you put somebody under a law, you know what you do with them? It's always condemnation. That's why people for the most part are so condemned, because they're always under a low. You know, one group religious group says this, you got to eat your meat this way. Somebody else says, You got to dance to this to some, no. All we need to do is to walk in the law of the Spirit of Life, which is a Christ Jesus our Lord. That's the only law that's given to the believer. The law of the Spirit. This is a this is a camp, and it's a great one. It's a camp on receiving the Holy Spirit today. Power for abundant living just came down. The Lord sent it you know, a long time ago. I'm going to tape that thing up there sometimes. Everybody keeps hide. No, no. I mean, I keep digging it out and putting it back up all the time. Where duct tonight just for your benefit. Now why was I talking about your power came down here. Always I say and Tim. Oh, tremendous. Wonderful. You're not alone. I just nobody and just nobody fails to get born again are God's spirit here. And it gets filled with the Holy Spirit. And everybody speaks in tongues, interprets and prophesize and that Without money and without price. Why? Because ladies and gentlemen, God's word is faithful. What he has promised he's not only able but he is willing to perform. And when a group of people have come to this camp, hungry and thirsting for God's Word, the Word says that they shall be satisfied. I just have no doubt in my mind, at any time, but that our people will receive what God made available. Because our staff knows the word. Our teachers know the word. They know how to teach, they know how to communicate, they are able to explain it that not even a child need to wear as I read. And I don't believe God, let them come to camp to begin with. If they weren't ready to receive what God has made available, the desert great camp, it's tremendous. A lot of the people want to be in the renewed mind camp, I'll be in the first one. Not just to get born again. They're born again. But they still don't really know how to operate the manifestations of speaking in tongues interpretation and prophecy. These are foundational. This is what jhana practice. There's where you get your routing your grounding, that which makes your firm Well, we're if the administration of condemnation was so glorious, they couldn't look upon the face of Moses. I'm back to verse nine. Much more dusty administration of righteousness exceed in what? I've got to read your verse 17 Listen, Now the Lord is the Spirit. And whereas our Spirit of the Lord is there is enslavement condemnation. There is heart Wow, bless God, there is what it reminds Here's a word that says in the epistle stand past. Where is five on Galatians five one. Stand past therefore is the Liberty where with Christ Jesus is set you free and be not entangled again with the yoke of God. Try, stand fast. Stand fast, having your feet shot, you know, having on the breastplate of righteousness Ephesians are this and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage, stand fast in the liberty. And that liberty is to live with the love the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.


This is an administration of the spirit. There's an administration where we work with the effervescence and the greatness of the Spirit of God within us. And this is for every believer today, as it was since the day of Pentecost.


Verse 18, says, but we are all with an open face. The holding, as in a glass, not with a veil over our face, but with an open face.


In this greater administration, we behold as in a glass, a mirror, that glow Ray above all the Lord and I changed into the same image, you get to be what you look at. You get to look what you look at to, you get to look like what you're looking at. Sure, you go a long day with grumpy people. You know, you're looking at him all day. What happens to you by nightfall? You're as grumpy as they are. Right? Like me. Look, are you happy where you do? And I've got all the sin you ever meet these people that are always loaded with sin? You know, they're they got to pray for Johnny. We for you visitors, we got characters at the way headquarters like Johnny jump up, Snowball feed Henry Proloquo. And some of the rest of my forgotten right now. But they always keep coming up in the class. So yeah, why? Why did he penalization I am of the reflection of the church. So if you're going to live with negative people, you know what you're going to be negative. You live among people are all full of unbelief, doubt the Word of God before you know it. What do you manifest? That's right. It'd be better to move out the rear wheel Woods out here, where you could just live by yourself behind an oak tree and be walking with the greatness of the effervescence of God in your life than to have all the acclamations of the society around you if it's negative. Look, we get to be what we look at. Well, where are your eyes tonight? Are your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ and what God made him to be to every believer? Are you looking at him without a veil over your face? Looking at Christ with a radiance of Christ in your soul? It's got to come out on your face. It's not because you get to be what you're looking at. That's what he's talking about. The holding is in a glass. The glory of the Lord, we are changed. We are changed into that same NH we begin to manifest the greatness of the love of God because we're looking at him. We're looking at his word. We are at the word says we are we have what the Word says we have. We will be right the right says we'll be cars. God rocked this in Christ Jesus, ladies and gentlemen. I work the translation of the last part of this. From Glory to Glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord. It reads literally one glory, reflecting another glory coming from the Lord, who is the spirit. That's its literal translation. One glory reflecting another glory coming from the Lord for His Spirit. Remember that song? Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Remember it? All right, what does it say? Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full in his wonderful life. And the things that I have grown strangely Damn. For in the light of His glory and grace. As we look at him, we become the pediment station I know that's a good word sounds Good dismissal big for me but we become the embodiment. The presence of the Lord is in us and we begin to write it on our face. It's magnified ports. People can see it, they can hear it. Because your smell sweetly, the fragrance of your presence is a go right. You know, I think when you wait people walk into a home next, a greatest blessing that home will ever have. When you children are members of a family and you're going back with Dad and Mom, I think that's a greatest thing a family can have. When you go into the shop tomorrow morning, you're the greatest person in that shop tomorrow morning. Nobody any greater, maybe just as great as you are. But if he's born again, God's Spirit but no bigger because you represent whom? Christ, you are the sweet fragrance of his presence in you. In the shop in the factory out on the farms in the home. This kind of woman just doesn't sweep the dirt under the rug. This kind of woman washes dishes cleaner and washes them with more grace.


Why? Because as we look to him were changed from glory to glory, for His glory, it's reflected through us which comes from the Lord. Who is the spirit. Well, that's that wonderful part of those wonderful two wonderful chapters wherever we were tonight.