SNT 0201 Pentecost: Acts

Pentecost: Acts 1 Detail teaching which accurately covers the ascension and Pentecost. (May 14, 1967)

SNT 0202 – Acts 1:1ff

  Pentecost: Acts 1:1ff

SNT 0203 Pentecost: Acts 1:1ff

Pentecost: Acts 1:1ff Teaching on the right dividing of ‘holy spirit’ grammatically and a clear defining of ‘the Kingdom of God.’. SNT – 203

SNT 0204 Pentecost: Acts 1:1ff

Pentecost: Acts 1:1ff Expounds upon the ‘where’ of Pentecost and how Judas provided for his death.

SNT 0205 Acts 2

Acts 2 June 6, 1965 A full scriptural backing on the ‘who, what, when, and where’ of Pentecost and the boldness of the same apostles who had been ‘behind closed doors’ fifty days before. SNT – 205

SNT 0206 Witnesses

Acts 2 – Witnesses January 1, 1967 Tells that we are witnesses for God, whether good or bad, every second and how we can be best. SNT – 206

SNT 0207 Speaking In Tongues

Speaking in Tongues: Acts 2:1ff Expounds God’s will for our lives concerning speaking in tongues and what speaking in tongues proves to us, the Body of Christ. SNT – 207 45:40

SNT 0208 Receiving the Holy Spirit

Receiving the Holy Spirit

SNT 0209 The Lord Added

The Lord Added to the Church May 5, 1968 An expository teaching with emphasis on men’s learning the Word, walking on it, holding it forth boldly, and the Lord’s adding to the Church as a result. SNT – 209

SNT 0210 John 14 and Acts 2

John 14 and Acts 2 May 26, 1968 An expository teaching from John and Acts concerning the promise to the twelve apostles and their receiving it.. SNT – 210

SNT 0211 The Times of Restitution

The Times of Restitution Breakdown of the word ‘restitution’ in Acts 3:21 and explanation that these ‘times of refreshing’ (v.19) and ‘times of restitution’ do not refer to the Church of God but to the return of Christ for Israel, his Bride. SNT – 211

SNT 0212 Peter vs. Sanhedrin

Peter and John vs. Sanhedrin Acts 4 – An in-depth teaching of the account in Acts in which Peter and John manifest great boldness and believing by confronting the Sanhedrin after healing the lame man at the Temple gate Beautiful. SNT – 212

SNT 0214 Selling Plurality

Selling Plurality: Acts 4:34 Shows how the early Church operated and grew.. SNT – 214

SNT 0215 Today’s Church

Today’s Church Acts 8 – Expository teaching on Acts 8 about Saul, Philip, and Simon and a salvation teaching from Romans. SNT – 215

SNT 0217 Acts 9

Acts 9 Expository teaching on Saul, Ananias and God’s Word and will. Reference is made to titles of Jesus Christ, devil spirits, Satan’s deception, manifestations of the spirit (especially speaking in tongues), and salvation. SNT – 217

SNT 0218 Acts 10

Acts 10 The record of Peter and the house hold of Cornelius. SNT – 218

SNT 0219 Acts 10

Acts 10 Expository teaching on Peter and the household of Cornelius. SNT – 219

SNT 0220 Acts 10

Acts 10 The Gentiles receive the gift of holy spirit.. SNT – 220

SNT 0221 Acts 11

Acts 11 The early Church moves out. Teaches how Peter related the conversion of Cornelius’ household to the beginning of the out reach of the Word to the Gentiles. SNT – 221

SNT 0222 Acts 11:17

Acts 11:17 The gift of holy spirit.

SNT 0223 Acts 12

Acts 12 Obedience through believing. Expository teaching on how Peter obeyed God and got out of prison. SNT – 223

SNT 0224 Acts 13

Acts 13 Teaching on Paul’s first recorded sermon with some emphasis on geography and journeys of Paul and others. SNT – 224

SNT 0225 Acts 15

Acts 15 How division in the Christian Church was avoided by operation of the revelation manifestations. SNT – 225 50:52

SNT 0226 Aquila and Priscilla

Aquila and Priscilla: Acts 18 Teaching about Priscilla and Aquila, who expounded the Scriptures to Apollos in Ephesus. SNT – 226

SNT 0232 Bride and Bridegroom

Teaches that although Christ came to Israel, the Church of Grace is called out from both Judean and Gentile. SNT – 232

SNT 0233 Colossians 1

Colossians 1 An expository teaching on the chapter of Colossians. SNT – 233

SNT 0234 Colossians 1

Colossians 1 What we have in Christ Jesus – Covers the rights we have in Christ Jesus. SNT – 234

SNT 0235 Apostles Sent of God

Expository teaching with an emphasis on the gift ministries. SNT – 235

SNT 0236 Ye Are Complete in Him

SNT – 236 October 16, 1966

SNT 0237 Colossians 3

Colossians 3 November 5, 1967 Teaching on the renewed mind, which is the key to power. SNT – 237