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Topical Study on Ordination & The Gift Ministries - The Way Magazines

A list of The Way Magazine and article titles related to the subject of "Ordination & The Gift Ministries".

Topic: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers
Format: text

Articles in The Way Magazine

“Samuel: A Man of God” – Rev. Bo Reahard Mar/Apr 1975 p. 31
“A Man in Whom the Spirit of God Is” – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille Jul/Aug 1976 p. 3
“A Man of Meekness” – Rev. G. Dean Ellenwood May/Jun 1977 p. 21
“Jesus Christ the Twig Leader:” - Rev. Gerald Wrenn
“Part One” Nov/Dec 1979 p. 19
“Part Two” Jan/Feb 1980 p. 13
“Part Three” Mar/Apr 1980 p. 19
“Part Four” May/Jun 1980 p. 11
“Part Five” Jul/Aug 1980 p. 19
“Part Six” Sep/Oct 1980 p. 19

Our Times: “We Are Born Again to Serve” – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille  Jul/Aug 1980 p. 25
“It Is Required: A Study in Faithfulness” – Rev. Lonnell E. Johnson Jul/Aug 1980 p. 13
“Ordained of God” – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille Jul/Aug 1981 p. 4
“The Qualities of a Spiritual Leader” – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille Sep/Oct 1981 p. 5
“Chiefest of All” – Patrick Strauhal Sep/Oct 1981 p. 7
“The Mantle” – Rev. Bo Reahard Sep/Oct 1982 p. 24
“The Need for Leadership” – Mr. John W. Schoenheit Sep/Oct 1982 p. 25
“Ways of Serving: Helps and Governments” – Ms. Belinda Wilson Jul/Aug 1983 p. 21
“The Point of No Return” – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille Sep/Oct 1984 p. 4
“The Capacity to Endure” – Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille Jan/Feb 1985 p. 5
“The Gift Ministries: God’s Spiritual Romance With the Church” – Rev. L. Craig Martindale Mar/Apr 1985 p. 8
“Free to Love and Serve” – Rev. Steve Strzepek Jul/Aug 1991 p. 15