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SNT 0290 Hebrews 2

Hebrews 2

Teaching on our recognizing what we have in Christ.
SNT – 290

Topic: angels, guardian, ministering spirit
Format: audio

Victor Paul Wierwille (December 31, 1916 – May 20, 1985) dedicated his life to the research and teaching of the Bible. In his quest for truth he consulted and worked with some of the most outstanding individuals in Biblical studies and Christian living; including Karl Barth, Joseph Bauer, Glenn Clark, Karl J. Ernst, Joseph Friedli, Louis C. Hessert, Elmer G Homrighausen, E. Stanley Jones, George M. Lamsa, Richard and Reinhold Niebuhr, K. C. Pillai, Paul Tillich, Ernst Traeger, and many others.

Dr. Wierwille received his Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology degrees from present day Lakeland College, and conducted graduate studies at the University of Chicago and Princeton Theological Seminary. It was at Princeton that Wierwille earned the Master of Theology degree in Practical Theology. He later completed his Doctor of Theology degree at Pike's Peak Bible Seminary and Burton College in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Dr. Wierwille was the author of numerous books in the field of Biblical research, including Are the Dead Alive Now?; Receiving the Holy Spirit Today; Jesus Christ Our Passover; and Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed. Additionally, he developed and taught several comprehensive classes directed toward helping people to understand the Bible and to increase the power of God in their lives, such as the Power For Abundant Living series, Living Victoriously, and the University of Life courses. Dr. Victor Paul Wierwille was the founder and president of a world-wide Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry for forty years; as well as the founder and president of several Biblical research centers, colleges, leadership training, and Christian outreach programs associated with it.

Victor Paul Wierwille served the Lord with unending joy all the days of his life as he travelled continuously throughout the world to hold forth the Word of God. He reached thousands of people during his lifetime through his live presentations, numerous radio and television broadcasts, film and video classes, and recorded teachings. And countless others continue to enjoy and be enriched by his books and hundreds of hours of recorded works, many of which are available in the public domain. A detailed listing of his work, as well as more information about his life and teachings can be found at Eternally Blessed (

Except from 290 Hebrews 2 (05/12/68)

Take your Bibles tonight and turn to the great book of Hebrews. The book of Hebrews, chapter 2 tonight, please. No matter what men may say or think or do, the Word of God stands untouched. This is God's Word whether people believe it or whether they do not believe it. It is still God's Word. And tonight from Hebrews, chapter 2, we have one of the great records in God's Word that has much to say to us.

I shared some of these things in a small family group for our people here this morning, and some of our people were just thrilled. They wondered why I haven't taught them this before. Well I have taught it to some of you before, you maybe just forgotten it. But, I believe the whole Bible, you know when you ready work it, just becomes exciting and alive. And many times you are taught something and maybe you just do not teach it then, or you don’t hear it taught again for another 2 or 3 years and it sort of bypasses you and you wonder well what happened in the process.

But in order to understand chapter 2, the first word is the word, “therefore.” Whenever you read the word “therefore” in the Bible, you ask yourself one question. Why for? Why for? What for? Why for? Therefore. Because the word “therefore” tells you that something went ahead previously, and you must understand that which is previous in order to understand the “therefore” and that which follows.

I’d like to take you to the 13th verse of the first chapter, just to begin here to lay the foundation for this tremendous chapter 2. Then open this chapter, line by line and verse by verse with you, to bless your hearts this night.

Hebrews 1:13
But to which of the angels said he [God] at any time, Sit on my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool?

Naturally, He said it to how many of them? To none. To none of the Angels. Never to Michael, Gabriel or Lucifer, who were the top 3. Never to any of them. Or to any of the others.

Hebrews 1:14
Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?

Some of you have set under our Research Ministry one evening, or at one time, when I handled Psalm 101:1; Acts 2:35; 1 Corinthians 15:25 and some of these other scriptures from Psalm 102:26,28 and Hebrews 13:8. All of these scriptures I handle one evening in line with verses 13 and 14 to show to our people that when a child is born, when a child is born if that child is going to be saved sometime in the future, that child has a ministering spirit. And that ministering spirit is an angel, and that angel takes care of that child until that child accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Cause these ministering Spirits are sent forth to minister for them who shall be, sometime in the future when they accept the Lord Jesus Christ they are going to be heirs, of what? [salvation] That's what it says, that's what it means.

This is the only explanation in the Word of God that says anything about angels and their ministries to believers. Once you're born again of God’s spirit, you no longer have an angel watching over you. That's right. For some of us, might be better if they continued. But they don't. Boy, you look back over life, you people born again of God’s spirit, how many times before you were saved, didn't have a real close, close call. Real close. How did you get out of it? He took care of ya. Because He knew that when you would hear the Word, you’d believe, and if you believed, you would get saved. So God from the beginning, from the time of your birth, watched over you until you got old enough to make your own decision for the Lord Jesus Christ. Then you no longer have a ministering spirit, one that watches over you. You’ve got something better, which is Christ, where, in you, the hope of glory. That’s it. Christ in you. No longer a spirit watching over you, an angel, but now it’s Christ in you. Christ in you, the hope of Glory. Now you must believe for yourself.

That is why the Word is so tremendous, to get the Word taught, so that people can know what they have to believe, or what that Word says, that they can believe to walk the more abundant life. Otherwise, once you are born again of God’s spirit, right after that, Satan will do everything he can to chop you down. He can’t touch you until you are born again of God’s spirit, if you have that ministering angel, I am thinking of children coming up. This kind of thing. Can’t touch you. But once they are born again, he throws the book at them. And the reason that most Christians are defeated. Full of doubt, full of fear, full of anxiety, full of frustration, is because they are born again of God’s spirit but they do not know what they have in Christ and what Christ was meant to be unto them. Therefore, they can’t claim it, they can’t believe for it, because you can’t believe for anything you do not know. And so, Satan just defeats them every step of the way. And if it is at all possible, he kills them off in short order or as quickly as he sees that it is advantageous to him, Satan, [garbled], just as quickly.

Hebrews 2:1a
[Now. Therefore.] Therefore we ought to give the more [What?] earnest heed to the things which we have heard.

It's wonderful to know that there is a ministering angel watching over those who will sometime believe. But. Even though you know that, therefore because you know it, therefore now, you ought to give even more earnest heed—earnest, the token of the real genuine thing—you should give more earnest heed to the things that you have heard. And the word ‘heard’ means, ‘hear it here and believe it here.’ You hear it with your ears and you believe what you have heard…

Hebrews 2:1b
...lest at any time we should…slip. [We should slip.]

Lest at any time Satan has an opportunity to chop us down, and to defeat us. And to cause us to go on the skids. Because once Christ is in you, you must know what you have. What you have you can only know from His Word, for His Word is His Will, and you can only know His will from knowing His Word.

This is why we go forth to teach…

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