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Galatians 1: 11-24 Corps Notes 1983

Dr. Wierwille

You cannot go beyond what you’ve been taught. You can do less, but not more. Paul was trained under Gamaliel, and he was a real legalist in Rabbinic Judaeism. Nothing but God Himself could have changed the apostle Paul because he was so steeped in tradition. Paul could never have received the gospel of grace from his background because he was such a legalist.

Everyone wants a Savior, but they really don’t want him to be Lord in their life. But that’s where you have to get to when you understand grace. Spiritual athletes are “Word runners”, and that's what we need to be. It’s usually grace with strings attached when we teach it. God’s grace has no strings attached.

God is PAID IN FULL! He has done everything to accomplish salvation, completed the work and there is nothing left to be done. Therefore He is justified in sending men to hell, and in what He will do later!!

Remember, you’re responsible for what you’ve been taught, so do it!!!

Topic: pdf, Gal 1:11-24
Format: pdf
Publication Date: 09-28-1983

Walter J. Cummins graduated from the Power for Abundant Class in 1962. 

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Ohio State University in 1968 and his Master of Education degree in Secondary School Administration in 1978 from Wright State University.

He was ordained to the Christian by The Way International in 1968. He has studied at The Way International under Victor Paul Wierwille and K.C.Pillai. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he was director of the Research department of the Way International  and served as assistant to the president.