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Acts 15:12-21 - Corps Notes - October 7, 1976

“James” - Galatians 1:19:But other of the apostles saw I none, save James the Lord’s brother.This James who is speaking here, in Acts 15:13, is the Lord’s brother. You and I would know him ashis half brother; same mother, different father. And yet he’s called brother. ... Read more

Acts 17:5-12 - Corps Notes - November 9, 1976

Acts 17:5“which believed not” - not in the critical Greek text“but the Jews” - certainly it’s axiomatic they believed not, or else they wouldn’t have done what theydid. There again, you know every time you read the word “Jew” in the Bible, in our translations of ... Read more

Acts 18:1-24 - Corps Notes - November 16, 1976

We learned about Priscilla and Aquila in Acts 18:2 and they’re still with Paul. Now we getdown to Apollos coming to Ephesus. He came from Alexandria, Egypt, right on the Nile River.It was founded in 332 B.C. by Alexander the Great and called Alexandria. It became one of thegre ... Read more

Acts 20:1-38 - Corps Notes - December 7, 1976

Again here in the twentieth chapter of Acts, there’s no man living who can set the greatness ofthis thing like the Word sets it. Again my ability to set this is far below par, which I recognize,and yet some of the great salient truths in here are just absolutely fantastic.Afte ... Read more

ACTS 22:1-30 - Corps Notes - January 4, 1977

It was just one trouble after another. People say, “Well at least he got to witness.” Well, I guessthat’s right, but it isn’t right in the great sense in which the Word moves. The only reason hegot a chance to witness is because he had been out of alignment and harmony and wal ... Read more

Acts 23:1-35 - Corps Notes - January 6, 1977

Well, tonight we continue in the great opportunities with which Paul was confronted in theBook of Acts. This is the record tonight in the Book of Acts where, I think it’s in theFoundational Class when we talk about revelation, or is that the Advanced Class; the revelationPaul ... Read more